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UPDATED: This article was updated April 11, 2017 to reflect the relevant changes in the Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification curriculum.
CRITICAL UPDATE – Microsoft has restructured its certifications. The MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification will be officially retired on July 31, 2017. Microsoft will no longer offer certifications or exams for Windows Server 2008 after that date. For more information about Microsoft’s restructure please see our What to Expect From the New Microsoft Certification Paths post.
Microsoft’s Server products dominate the market, especially Server 2012. Employers are attracted to IT professionals who have experience administering Server 2008 in a variety of environments. IT pros must validate their Server 2008 experience by obtaining the MCSA Server 2008. This certification is generally good for network or system administrators or computer network specialists.
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Start trainingMicrosoft Certified Solutions Associate Windows Server 2008 (MCSA Server 2008). The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA Windows Server 2008) certification is designed to validate and validate the skills and knowledge required to install, configure, administer, manage, and maintain Windows Server 2008. The MCSA Server 2008 exam is composed of three exams that are covered by SPOTO training.
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-641
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure 70-642
Microsoft PRO Windows Server 2008 70-646

This certification requires that learners have some knowledge of Windows Server and experience working within an enterprise environment. The MCSA is an intermediate-level certification. However, there are no prerequisite certifications or training. This means that anyone new to the industry can begin here if they are interested and ready to learn!
Exam Details The following exam details apply to each exam that is part of the MCSA Server 2008 certification.
Exam time: 120 minutes (per examination). Questions: 40-60* (per examination). Passing score: 700**

*Microsoft doesn’t publish exact numbers of questions associated to its exams. The number of questions that a learner will see is variable. **Because the questions are varied, it is not necessary that learners earn a simple 70% score to pass the exam.
Microsoft exams are known for being difficult. Many learners find that they need to take multiple exams to be successful. Microsoft recognizes the difficulty of their exams and offers an Exam Replay that allows learners to retake the exam at a fraction of the price. The Exam Replay may not be available all the time. Exam Replay is an option on all exams that are part of the MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification. However, this may change at any time. Exam Replay availability should be checked by learners to ensure they don’t miss out on this opportunity.
Microsoft Specialist and MCSA certifications do not expire. Specialist and MCSA certifications are valid for life. They do not need to be renewed or updated. MCSA certifications are a lifetime certification