ITIL V3 vs. ITIL IV: The Big Differences

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is the most popular framework for IT service management. Information technology is an ever-evolving field. Every technology is constantly learning, evolving, or advancing. ITIL creators need to keep their framework updated in order to keep up with new technologies. Axelos Limited has recently released an updated version of the ITIL. Continue reading to learn more about the new ITIL version 4, its predecessor ITIL 3 and the main differences between ITIL 3 and 4. ITIL V3 Framework ITIL v3 – ITIL’s third edition of its trademarked framework. This framework is internationally recognized […]

ITIL Interview Questions and Responses in 2022

ITIL Certification is key to a respected career. Therefore, it is important that you take the interview for ITIL seriously and answer the following questions before you attempt the interview. Top ITIL Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 Can ITIL lower the cost of IT investments in an organization? Who and how is a proposed change determined in the Change Management process. What is SLA? What is OLA? What is the significance and purpose of SACM? What is the need for CSFs? When will you create an SDP? Name two service management processes in ITIL Course Certification Define the relationship […]

ITIL Certification Overview: Key Points & Summary

ITIL Certification is a must-have for IT Service Management professionals because it is recognized worldwide by all major brands. This certification is considered more credible in a job interview. ITIL allows organizations to provide high-quality, efficient jobs to their clients. This framework streamlines their services and sets ground rules for all professionals. It is important to understand the core concepts and how it works before you begin your preparations for the ITIL Certification exams. What is ITIL Certification? ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The framework offers proven practices that can be used in IT Service Management, ITSM, and […]

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital Strategy and IT Strategy (DITS). – A guide for digital transformation

All business organizations were forced to accelerate their digital transformation processes exponentially after the Covid-19 pandemic. This has made it possible to examine the digital strategy across all enterprises. IT strategy was primarily a backend, or a planning and process support function, until two decades ago. It was supposed to be aligned with the larger business strategy. This business strategy focused on how to stand out in a competitive marketplace, gain market share, and stay relevant. The digital age and digital transformation have made IT more prevalent in business operations. Although it was a smaller part of business operations, IT […]

ISO 27001 and Associated Certifications

What is ISO 27001? ISO 27001 is an International Standard provided by the International Organization of Standardization. It describes the key processes and approaches required for managing information security risk within an organization. ISO 27001 was designed in a way that can be used in any organization, large or small, profit- or non-profit. A company that implements the standard is certified. This means that it has an information security system that conforms to ISO 27001. Enquire Now Why is it necessary? ISO 27001 is required in order to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information within a company. The entire […]

Ten Skype Interview Tips to Help You Get Your Next Job Interview

Skype interviews are very popular today due to technological advancement and the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Skype interview is more effective than telephone interview because of video interaction. Companies are increasingly using Skype interview. Skype interview is popular due to its accessibility and ease. Although visual contact can be advantageous for applicants, it can also be disadvantageous. It all depends on how well you prepare and how you present yourself during the interview. Logitrain offers tips for Skype interviews. Skype Interviews: Reasons Skype interviews are a great way to speed up the process of personnel selection. The interview saves both […]

Global Knowledge

IT is constantly changing in terms of skills and infrastructure, service delivery, as well as other aspects. Two years ago, IT skills may be obsolete. This means that skills acquired in college may not be relevant when they graduate. It can be hard to keep up. There are too many mission-critical tasks that must be completed. Only those who have the right skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications will be able move up. These are ten IT skills that are on the brink of extinction that will help you stay ahead. 1. COBOL, Fortran, and Other Mainframe Programming Languages They were […]

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Technology wish lists don’t have to be logical. When they can be entertaining, who needs a robot bartender? It’s all about having a lot of fun and looking for the latest gadgets. Global Knowledge’s tech experts were asked to share their top wishes for the year. Some of the answers were practical (baby sound machine, car health monitor). Others were more extravagant (drive in movie theatre for your house). Here are our top 12 tech gifts for 2019: 12. Hatch Baby Rest $59.99 How it works: The Hatch Baby Rest nightlight and sound machine is perfect for any nursery. There […]

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Red Hat Ansible: What’s it? What are its job roles? Learn more at our Global Knowledge Tech Talk hosted by Brent Brandow. Joined by Red Hat experts John Walter and Scott Stewart. John Walter is a Red Hat solution architect, and Scott Stewart is senior manager for Red Hat’s training and certification groups. Red Hat Ansible Tech Talk Question What is Red Hat Ansible? How can it help me? What job roles can Ansible benefit from? What are the benefits of Ansible over Red Hat Puppets How does Ansible connect to systems in an environment? You might be wondering what […]

Tech Talk: Ethics & Artificial Inteligence IT Professionalism Europe hosted an open “Tech Talk” on Ethics & Artificial intelligence. Dr. Anna Jobin, Head, Health Ethics & Policy Lab at ETH Zurich, as well as Dr. Lorien Prtt (Chief Scientist and co-founder of Quantellia in Silicon Valley), will share their insights. The discussion will be about ethical aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and why they are so crucial for AI research and implementation. They will also discuss best practices and ethical standards that will support the future development AI.

Instructor: Dr. Anna Jobin, Dr. Lorien Pratt, Donovan Scott Dr. Anna Jobin is a researcher at the Health Ethics & Policy Lab of ETH Zurich. She is a multidisciplinary specialist with expertise in sociology, economics, and information management. Her current research focuses on the intersection between science and technology. Her interests include interaction with algorithmic systems, the social dimensions of artificial Intelligence and AI ethics. Lorien Pratt has over 70 years of experience in delivering NLP, ML, and applied AI solutions. Pratt is the bestselling author of Link: How Decision Intelligence links Data, Actions, and Outcomes to a better world. […]