Amazon’s JEDI Protest Hinges On Microsoft’s ‘Noncompliant Storage’

Recent court documents that were not sealed by Amazon shed light on Amazon’s lawsuit against the Pentagon over its $10 billion cloud contract with Microsoft. A federal judge granted Amazon’s request to halt the contract’s construction. After receiving bids from major cloud vendors in the past, the Department of Defense (DoD), last fall awarded the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract to Microsoft. This surprised many industry watchers who expected Amazon Web Services to win the contract. Late 2019, Amazon filed suit against DoD to contest Microsoft’s win. This was followed by a request in January for an injunction. In February, […]

Global Knowledge

It can be difficult to decide what to measure for any product or service due to conflicting advice from best practice frameworks. DevOps, for example, tells us that we should measure everything and make the measurements available to everyone. This makes metrics more accessible, but it is important to understand the question your metrics must answer in order to avoid being overwhelmed. Global Knowledge is a view that allows us to explore all options before we choose the best path for our organization. We will be looking at three common metrics questions and how ITIL (r) can help us solve […]

Global Knowledge

Abstract Microsoft Azure Backup, cloud-based data backup, is well-suited for both small and large companies. It can be integrated with System Center Data Protection Manager. Sample The easiest way to get started with Azure, or “the Microsoft cloud”, is to use it to backup one or more Windows servers. Although the process is more complicated than you might think, it can be done quickly if you have a guide (such as this whitepaper, I hope!). The service was tested for me by my company. The screenshots and examples here are from “real life”. Azure backup is affordable (costs have fallen […]

Recovering from the brink

Andrew Ball, head, IT Performance Audit at Audit Commission, was one the speakers at last week’s BPUG Congress. He spoke in a session on programme and strategic project management about how to deal with problems when projects go wrong. His main argument was to plan for failure and avoid projects going sour. Although it sounds negative, it is really about constructive management of risk. Risk management can help you plan for failure, whether you start planning or when you notice the warning signs that Andrew identified: Slippage A conspiracy of silence: No one speaks about project problems A big project […]

Global Knowledge

This post will answer your questions about IT pranks that you can pull off for April Fools Day or any other day of the year. We have an IT prank that will surprise you, whether you are an IT pro with decades’ of experience or a novice who just discovered that CTRL+SHIFT+ESC allows you to access the task manager faster (you’re very welcome). Let’s be real, first: These pranks should be considered lighthearted. *If the prank involves accessing computers of others, be sure to check your company’s policy. *Retain your target’s computer files. Don’t place a target in a situation […]

Global Knowledge

Organizations large and small are embracing digital transformation. IDC predicts that 40% of all technology spending will be directed to digital transformations. Enterprises will spend more than $2 trillion by 2019. George Westerman, principal research scientist at MIT, defines digital transformation as “a radical rethinking how an organization uses technology and people to fundamentally alter business performance.” Many companies are looking for new ways to make use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and the Internet of Things to improve their business operations. Restaurant chains like Applebee’s and IHOP are testing technologies that allow customers to order […]

Interview with Chris Field: Attracting young people as PM: interview

Chris FieldTomorrow’s International Project Management Day is Chris Field. The UK’s biggest event to celebrate is Synergy. Over 1000 project managers will be converged on the O2 arena in London. Chris Field, the President of the UK PMI Chapter and one the organizers, was my interview. Is project management a good career choice when there is so much doom, gloom, or high unemployment? He had this to say. Chris, why are so many young people choosing project managers? I have no doubt that many young people are entering the profession, in some cases by design and others by accident. When […]

Case Study: The Digital Project Manager – Switching from Waterfall to Duration and Price Contracts

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work. Executive Summary You can transform the way you manage a project by switching from waterfall contracts to ones that are shorter and more expensive. You no longer have to manage hours and timelines. Instead, you can concentrate on communication and completing the most important work for the client. Client satisfaction is higher when you deliver the highest priority work to the client. There is less disagreement about what needs to be delivered contractually. Simply put, Duration and Price contracts place client collaboration before contract negotiation. This leads to […]

Capacity Planning for Every PM: Strategies + Complete How-To

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work. Imagine that you are a highly skilled project manager. Your project sponsor approaches you with a capacity planning query. Although you are familiar with resource planning or identifying the skills required to support a project’s success, you aren’t sure what this request is. Capacity planning is the process of assessing how much time each team member has available to meet customer needs and then making decisions about how to fill those gaps. Participation in capacity planning, even if project managers don’t have the decision-making authority to make decisions, […]

Can Psychology Make You a Better PM?

Galen Low is joined at Capterra by Olivia Montgomery, a Senior Analyst. She discusses how her combination of PM skills and a background in social sciences allows her to navigate personalities within IT projects. Learn how psychology can help you be a better PM. Interview Highlights Olivia is an IT program manager with extensive experience. She is passionate about combining the worlds of technology and social sciences. With a CSM, a PMP and a Masters in Liberal Arts, she is now a specialist in qualitative research and analytics, project management consulting, and small business technology strategies at Capterra. [1:23] Olivia […]