CloudPhysics has announced a new tool that compares the costs of running enterprise workloads on-premises or in a public Cloud.
The Cost Calculator for Private Cloud and Public Cloud Comparison is a data-driven tool that is only available with CloudPhysics Premium Edition. This edition, according to the company, is an “agile and scalable SaaS solution continuously analyses customer environments and leverages collective Intelligence to yield actionable results that optimize performances, lower costs, reduce risks, and enable better business decisions.” However, the new cloud cost calculator is available for a 14-day trial.
The company released a news release Wednesday stating that the Cost Calculator for Private Cloud allows customers to rightsize VMs. It compares a VM’s current resources (such as CPU and storage) with the amount the VM actually needs to perform its functions. Rightsizing can help customers save money per workload because many VMs are already overprovisioned. Customers can ensure that VM provisioning is appropriate for their actual usage by rightsizing workloads.
The tool takes into account select workloads, hosts and clusters as well as datacenters. It then calculates private cloud costs per workload/VM to compare with public offerings like Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), the market leader in this space. A solution brief included an example of how Microsoft Azure and AWS could help you save money in certain situations.
The company stated that the calculator allows customers to compare virtual workloads in private cloud models where resources are shared, versus public cloud models where resources can be subscribed from a provider. “Users can create scenarios to compare their private cloud costs with public cloud estimates, using utilization levels at Peak (95th), and 99th percentiles.” They can then calculate the cost of these workloads to run in the public cloud at these respective levels.
Chris Grossmeier, CloudPhysics executive, said that it solves a long-standing problem.
“If you speak to anyone selling cloud computing resources, you will hear the same message: “The cloud will save money!” He said this in a blog posting yesterday. “But the truth is that it’s difficult to know how much the cloud can save you. Cloud providers can often tell you how much an instance with a hypothetical workload costs. They often fail to show you how much your cloud environment will actually cost and how you can save money.
CloudPhysics is free for download by interested companies. After that, they can request access to the Premium Trial to try the new tool for 14-days.