A new set of New Relic monitoring tools has been added to the company’s Software Analytics Cloud. These features are specifically designed for Amazon Web Services Inc.’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (AWS).
The new features were announced at the recent AWS reInvent conference and will allow users to combine performance data from both their application and cloud infrastructure layers. Al Sargent, New Relic’s senior product marketing director, stated that this application-centric approach “allows customers to better leverage speed, focus, and economics of AWS Cloud.”
Sargent stated to ADTmag that AWS and New Relic share the same vision of how modern software should look. It must run in the cloud. More than half of New Relic customers have AWS-enabled applications. The company also announced that it was awarded the AWS Partner Network (APN), Mobile Competency designation. This designation recognizes APN partners who have extensive experience in mobile-first development.
The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud, a multi-tenant SaaS solution for software analytics, is designed to help companies monitor and secure their production software in multiple environments without the need to create or maintain dedicated infrastructures.
Sargent stated that monitoring tools built in the 1990s or early 2000s were not designed for modern modular and distributed software architectures. You wouldn’t buy many servers to use for Cyber Monday, and then throw them away after the holidays. The world has changed and true cloud monitoring is now a necessity.
AWS is currently developing new monitoring capabilities, including Dynamic Workload Visibility which allows users to see only the EC2 instances that are important to their business; Blindspot Detection which shows which EC2 instance do not have server monitoring; Flexible Performance Rollups which allows the EC2 data sliced and diced in useful manners; Monitoring for over-Provisioning which helps control AWS spend; and 60 Second Install which integrates New Relic’s Analytics Cloud with AWS in just 60 seconds.
The private beta version of the new AWS monitoring features for the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud is currently in development. Sargent stated that the program is currently oversubscribed. However, anyone interested can sign up for notifications via the company’s website.
In 2014, New Relic launched its Insights original real-time analytics platform. Lew Cirne, who is credited with the creation of the Application Performance Management market (APM), founded the San Francisco-based company, in 2008.