NetApp certification provides a wide range of training and certifications to personnel involved in data storage management systems or technical networking. NetApp offers many certifications and it is not easy to understand the structure of the certification program.
This blog post will help you understand the structure and guide you in choosing the right training or certification.
Introduction to the NetApp Certification Program
NetApp has a highly active certification program. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get used to the structure, it becomes easy to understand. There are 14 levels of credentials, including Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert. The three categories include data track, hybrid track, converged infrastructure track, and 5 job roles.
It is easiest to understand the path and pursue certifications by aiming for the job role first, and then following the certification path accordingly. Let’s take a look at the program in more detail.
Associate Level – NetApp Certified Technology Associate
The NetApp Certification Program begins with the associate-level program “NetApp Certified Technology Associate”, which can be used to help candidates understand the basics of NetApp storage, management, and hybrid cloud technology. This will allow them to grow their skills as they move on. Although this certification is not mandatory, it is recommended that candidates obtain it before pursuing more advanced certifications and training.
Data Track:
The Data Track is the first category of the certification pathway. It is for those who are currently in or aspiring to be in the following job roles: Storage administrator, installation engineer support engineer, implementation engineer.
Data Track begins with the professional level certifications NetApp Certified Database Administrator, ONTAP, which is the pre-requisite to two other specialist level certifications, NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP, which is a stand-alone certificate, and NetApp Certified Support Engineer, which is a prerequisite for the specialist level certification.
The next level of certifications would be the specialist-level certifications, which include NetApp Certified Installation Engineer SAN Expert, ONTAP, NetApp Certified Data Protection Specialist both which require a prerequisite certification and NetApp Certified Installation Engineer SAN Specialist E-Series, which is an independent certification and doesn’t require prerequisites, and NetApp Certified Support Engineer ONTAP Specialist which requires a prerequisite certificate.
Hybrid Track
The Hybrid Track is second in the NetApp Certification Program. It has a total number of 3 certifications, which include 2 levels and 2 job roles.
The hybrid track begins with Specialist level certifications, i.e. NetApp Certified Cloud Administrator and NetApp Certified Cloud Implementation Engineer. The final expert-level consists of NetApp Certified Cloud Architect.
Track for Converged Infrastructure
The Converged Infrastructure is the third and final category. It deals with cross-platform integration between NetApp and Cisco. This track is intended for Job Roles Designer Specialist and Administrator Specialist. This track offers 2 certifications: Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Designer Specialist, and Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Installation and Administration Specialist. It is primarily for those who work in both ecosystems.
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