As a sales & marketing professional
She wanted a better job to use her critical thinking skills.
I was interested in web development and was learning it as a hobby.

After Dojo:
As a developer support engineer
She is confident that she has a great starting point in her career as a dev professional
Aspires to work in FAANG companies or be admitted to the Microsoft LEAP program

Program: Three Full-Stack Bootcamps in Orange County, CA
It was upon me that graduation day came. I felt at home in the Dojo, and I didn’t want to leave. I was having too much fun and it was difficult to accept that bootcamp had ended.
Please tell us about yourself. Your age, hobbies, passions and what you did (professionally) before joining the bootcamp.
I am a 27-year-old woman who moved to Sunny California eleven years ago. I am a foodie, geek, and gamer. I enjoy exploring all types of food, especially spicy foods, and traveling to various conventions such as WonderCon and San Diego Comic Con.
I was also a huge gamer – MMORPG and MOBA were my passions. Today, I am still a casual player of League of Legends ARAMs. Critical Role is a favorite of mine: “Spread love!”
Before the bootcamp I was a sales and marketing professional, including account management, marketing, and sales support. I was a specialist in the promotional products (branded products) industry where I learned about PMS colors and decorating methods. I also gained teamwork skills.
Why did you choose to enroll in a bootcamp for coding?
After a brief stint in the financial service industry, I took some time out to reflect on my current career path. I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing. I felt I could do more and desired a career that allowed me to use my critical thinking skills. I was always interested in web development and had been spending time learning it. I eventually decided to make it a career.
What were your fears and doubts that prevented you from enrolling? How did you overcome them?
My greatest fear would be the time commitment to bootcamp. Although the advertised schedule of 70-90 hours per week was daunting, I eventually decided to make the commitment.
What was the secret to Coding Dojo’s success? Why did you choose Coding Dojo over other programs?
There were four options available to me and I spent time researching each one. I attended each bootcamp’s meet and greet events and looked at the pre-coursework. I was impressed by Coding Dojo’s 3 full-stack programs and the affordable pricing.
How was it to prepare for bootcamp? How did you prepare for the bootcamp?
It was nerve-wracking to wait for the days to pass before the bootcamp began. I informed my family and friends that I would not be available for the next 14 week and that I would appreciate their support. It was the right decision when things were difficult and I could call them for support or to vent my frustrations.
Talk us through the first few weeks of the program. Which parts were your favorites? What parts were difficult?
The first few weeks were intense. It was difficult to get to grips with the material and the geography. I enjoyed getting to know my instructors and fellow students. I found it difficult to learn SQL because I didn’t have enough time.
What were your strategies for overcoming the difficulties you faced?
I had a strong support system with my family and friends. My instructors and my cohort were invaluable in helping me get through this process. Having teachers who cared and comrades who had been through the same struggles as me was a great way for me to overcome them and build a strong bond with them.
Do you have any funny stories to share about bootcamp? Make friends! Do you have fond memories?
My bootcamp experience would be described as “The best of times, but also very challenging.” I made many great friends and still think about them often. The journey was not without its challenges, which made the ending bittersweet.
How did you feel about your job prospects and skills as you neared graduation?
It was upon me that graduation day came. I was content where I was at the end of the bootcamp and didn’t want to leave. I was having too much fun and it was difficult to accept that bootcamp was over. Although I felt there was much more to learn, I felt confident that I had the right starting point for my dev career.
How did your job hunt go? How did you land a job at your current job?
I began my job search before I graduated from bootcamp. That ended up cutting down on the dow