The CISSP/ISSEP certification is for CISSPs who are skilled in implementing system engineering principles and methods to create secure systems.
Who should obtain CISSP-ISSEP certification?
This certification is for CISSPs with at least 2 years of relevant full-time work experience in engineering. They are interested in CISSP/ISSEP certification to demonstrate their mastery in security engineering in order to advance in their current information security careers. This certification is ideal for people working in positions such, but not limited too:
Information assurance officer

Analyst in information assurance

Senior security analyst

Senior systems engineer

Engineer for information assurance systems

Reasons to Obtain CISSP/ISSEP Certification
You are at the forefront of your profession. This information security certification offers many compelling reasons to be a challenger.
Excellence is evidence. You want to be different from your colleagues. This CISSP concentration proves that you have a unique level of knowledge.

Amazing Opportunities. The CISSP/ISSEP opens doors to new career opportunities, and more exciting jobs.

Growth and knowledge. This is a chance to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. You’ll discover more ways to thrive and remain at the forefront of information security. It is a difficult task to achieve your concentration CISSP/ISSEP.

It is essential to study hard in order to pass the ISC2CISSP-ISSEP exam. The applicant should study in a structured manner and use the best materials available to prepare for the certification. It is important to remember certain points that will help you shine in the exam. This article will discuss the best ways to prepare for the certification and pass the exam. Follow these steps to reap the great benefits.
Tips for CISSP/ISSEP Exam Preparation
1. Take a training course
ISC2 offers an online CISSP-ISSEP training course that is the best way to learn. This course will help them to improve their skills and concepts. They will also be able identify the most important topics for the exam. A training course is the best way to learn about the exam domains and gain the necessary knowledge to pass it. It might seem like you can take the self-study option. However, this is not true for this exam.
2. Create a Study Plan
ISC2 CISSP ISSEP certification covers many domains with varying weightages. You need to be organized to ensure your adaptability in the exam domains. It is a good idea to create a study plan that outlines how much time each exam domain should be given. You should also determine the order in which they will be studied. You should also make sure you have enough time to practice exams.
But, it is not enough to create a study plan. It is important to follow the schedule in a systematic manner.
3. Spend more time on difficult domains
When preparing for the exam you need to make sure you give each topic the time it deserves according to their respective weights. Many people make the fatal mistake of trying to give equal importance each topic without realizing which topics are more important. These are the domains and weights that will be covered during the exam.
Domain 1. Systems Security Engineering Foundations (25%)

Domain 2. Risk Management (14%)

Domain 3. Security Planning and Design (30%)

Domain 4. Domain 4.

Domain 5. Domain 5.

Each domain has a different weight. This is evident from the list. Higher domains will have more questions in the exam. For example, the Systems Security Engineering Foundations domain will have the most questions. This is why you should spend the most time on this topic. This will help you prepare and will help you score well on the exam.
4. Take CISSP/ISSEP Practice Exams
ISC2 certification exams will require you to study all topics in depth. 70% of preparation is done by learning the topics in detail. To finish your preparation, you will need to take many practice exams. This will help you identify your mistakes and make improvements. There are many online platforms that offer practice exams. These practice exams are worth taking. Practice exams will also give you a good idea of what the actual exam will look like. This will increase your self-confidence and help you succeed in the exam. offers the most current and reliable practice questions.