Cloud Engineer vs. DevOps Engineer

The rapidly changing world of information technology, regardless of whether it is related to the cloud or the development industry, is making significant progress. This innovation has created uncertainty for those who want to get a job in IT. Most people associate DevOps with Cloud. They are indeed related, but they offer their world of opportunities, including the top-trending roles of Cloud Engineer or DevOps engineer. Table of Contents Cloud Engineer vs. DevOps engineerCloud EngineerJob Rolls of a DevOps engineerJob Responsibilities for a DevOps engineerSkills required to become DevOps engineersSalary Of DevOps EngineeringDifferences between DevOps and Cloud Engineer Cloud Engineer […]

Cloud Development Kit Guide Published for AWS Infrastructure-as-Code A guide for working with the Cloud Development Kit for infrastructure-as-code projects on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) platform has been published on GitHub. AWS recently released the AWS Cloud Development Kit, an open-source software development framework that allows developers to define cloud infrastructure in code using familiar programming languages. AWS CDK allows developers to quickly create AWS infrastructure using code. They can then configure it and tie it together with their application code. This is a significant benefit for cloud giants:

Keep application code and infrastructure in the same repository Make infrastructure changes repeatable across multiple environments, AWS accounts, AWS regions. To enable continuous testing, replicate production in a staging area You can replicate production in a performance testing environment that you only use for the time it takes to run a stress test Release infrastructure changes using the same tools that code changes to ensure that deployments include infrastructure upgrades Software development best practices can be applied to infrastructure management. This includes code reviews or deploying small changes often. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] AWS CDK […]

Cloud Cost Reduction Firm Compares AWS, Google Cloud Pricing

ParkMyCloud, a company that specializes in cloud cost reduction services, published a post comparing pricing for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The company also compared pricing and examined differences in billing between the two platforms. This post is a rewrite/update from a 2017 post. It also includes cloud pricing data as of the current month. This post examines areas like “AWS Reserved Incstances vs GCP Compmitted Use” and “AWS vs. GCP Compute Sizing,” but does not make any firm conclusions for either platform. The company stated that AWS EC2 pricing for comparable compute engines may appear more […]

Cloud computing roles and responsibilities

Cloud computing is the use of resources such as servers and storage over the Internet. Cloud computing is highly sought-after because it offers a pay-as you-go model for enterprise apps. Cloud computing is more affordable and feasible than investing in local resources. Cloud computing also offers many other benefits, including improved productivity, speed, and performance, the ability of scaling up resources as and when needed, and better security. Below are the roles and responsibilities of cloud computing professionals who are involved with the various cloud service arrangements. Cloud service provider Cloud customer Cloud broker Cloud Access Security Broker Regulators Cloud […]

Google Moves Cloud Computing Analyst: ‘Watch out AWS!

Robert Stroud, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc., had some words to warn Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), the leader in public cloud computing market. This was in response to Google’s recent refocusing on its cloud operations. “Watch out AWS!” Stroud posted a blog yesterday titled “Will the answer be in the public cloud be Google?” Forrester analyst, John Greene, commented on Google’s Nov. 19, announcement that it was investing in a future cloud it believes is brimming full of untapped potential. In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that Diane Greene would lead a new team that […]

Amazon’s Security Gaffe Exposes Thousands Of Vets and Intelligence Personnel

Researchers reported that thousands of U.S. veterans, law enforcement officers, and intelligence personnel had their personal data exposed in an unsecure Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. In recent months, it has been alarmingly common to find wide-open S3 buckets that contain personally identifiable information. Amazon Web Services (AWS), eventually, prompted to remind its users to block public and private access to their storage buckets. Security software firm UpGuard reported the latest incident on Sept. 2. This is the same company that earlier this year discovered misconfigured S3 buckets containing information on Verizon account holders, Dow Jones customers, and, on […]

Amazon Recovers from Widespread Disruptions

Related: AWS Blames Unplanned Systems Restarts for S3 outage A wide range of Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as parts of the Internet, were affected by a glitch in the Amazon Simple Storage Service. The problem started just before 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Tuesday. It was concentrated in AWS’ Northern Virginia (U.S East-1) region, which is the oldest and where the company estimates the majority of its cloud servers. AWS stated on Twitter and its Service Health Dashboard, which was also temporarily affected, that the S3 service operating out of the Northern Virginia region was experiencing […]

Amazon S3 Object Lambda now generally available Amazon Web Services (AWS), makes it easier to customize data that is retrieved from Amazon S3 for use by other applications. The new S3 object lambda feature is now available. Users can run code against their data while it’s being transferred from Amazon S3 into another application. This feature is especially useful for organizations who share their S3 data to multiple applications that have their own formatting requirements. Instead of creating a proxy layer to transform data as it leaves S3, or making multiple copies the same data for each application, S3 Object Lambda allows users to transform their S3 data using AWS Lambda function. S3 Object Lambda allows you to add your code to process data retrieved form S3 before returning to an application,” Danilo Poccia, AWS evangelist, stated in a blog post last Wednesday announcing its availability. This feature will make it easier to, among other things, remove customer data before it is used for analytics, convert a XML dataset to JSON, and add information from another service to an existing dataset. Poccia stated that S3 Object Lambda uses AWS Lambda functions to “automatically process, transform and store your data as it is being retrieved by S3”. “The Lambda function can be invoked inline with a standard GET request to S3 so you don’t need to modify your application code. As described by Poccia, using S3 Object Lambda involves five steps.

To transform data for your case, create a Lambda Function. From the S3 Management Console, create an S3 Object Lambda access point. Select the Lambda function you created above. To allow S3 Object Lambda access the original object, provide a supporting S3 Access Point To retrieve data from S3, update your application configuration. S3 Object Lambda can currently be accessed in most AWS regions. It can be accessed via AWS Command Line Interface (Management Console), SDKs or the SDKs. More information is available here.

Amazon 3 Console now generally available

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced that its new console to manage Amazon S3 object storage resources has been made generally available. This was after an opt-in trial. The new Amazon S3 console was first announced at last year’s re:invent 2016. It is now available to registered AWS users. An introductory video explains that the Amazon S3 console can be used to interact with Amazon S3. The console allows you to perform Amazon S3 tasks with no code. The new UI has an overview panel that displays a summary of S3 object properties and metrics. There is also a new […]

Amazon’s London Datacenters are Now Open for Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which launched a new cloud region in Ontario earlier this month, made Canada its home. It’s expanding its presence on the other side, this week. AWS announced Wednesday the launch of its newest regional in London, England. It has two availability zones and is AWS’ third European region, after Ireland and Frankfurt. “Our AWS Europe Region (London) is now open for business and we are excited that we can offer a complete range of services — starting with our foundational service stack in compute, storage and networking, to our more advanced solutions, and applications,” wrote’s […]