Fall 2019 AIR Newsletter – LX

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe Fall 2019 Air Newsletter – LX These are the resources this month for Accounting professors. The Relationship between Accounting Students’ Personality and Professional Skepticism. Belverd E. Needles Jr., Ph.D. CPA, CMA. CGMA Articles The Business of Entertainment: A Service Learning Project For AccountingS. Benjamin MuroloQueensborough CollegeThe City University of New York Mark M. UlrichQueensborough CollegeThe City University of New York Is Serious Gaming a Better Option for Learning and Engagement in the Classroom? The Case of Tax Bingo Kathryn Simms and Jameson Donahue. Peter Maxwell and Samuel AllenVirginia Military Institute Teaching Case GroupThink: A Learning Game […]

What can administrators do to help faculty who are thin, burned out, and wearing many hats?

The past few years have presented many challenges to institutional leaders. Administrators and professors are constantly on alert, with everything from changing health guidelines to quarantines to pressing racial justice questions being raised on campus. It is becoming more apparent that faculty are suffering. Burnout. Compassion fatigue. Unmet mental health needs of students and staff. Every day, we hear from our customers and partners about the difficulties, complexities, and pain educators feel in higher education. We understand your frustrations and we hope to be able once again to live and work without the threat of a pandemic interrupting our critical […]

A New Generation of Students: What will Gen Z bring to the classroom?

Teachers who have been teaching for more than a decade have had to deal with many generations of students. Each generation has presented challenges that required us to evaluate our methods. Baby Boomers Born 1946-1964: The years are approximate and overlap. Many of them grew up in a well-organized and disciplined family, which helped them respect authority. They were confident professionals who made good decisions and were excellent students. They were hardworking and took responsibility for their actions. They were easy to teach in many ways because of their willingness to learn and uniformity. They attended lectures and did their […]

Explore the New Windows 11 Features

Corinne Hoisington is the Professor of Information Systems Technology at Central Virginia Community College. As I write this, please picture my forehead as a visual–palm. Yes, Microsoft originally stated that Windows 10 would be available forever. It’s over. Welcome to the next step in the technology continuum. Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11, was unveiled by the company on June 24, 2021, almost six years after Windows 10. The new Windows 11 features, as well as design updates, make it easier and more intuitive. When was Windows 11 released? Windows 11 was released on October 5. For more information, read […]

Learn the Main Changes to Oracle Certification Program and Rush into 2022 as a Winner

Exam retirement is an important step in any certification program’s lifecycle. The old tests are gone and new ones are created. This is why vendors inform their candidates about any changes in their programs. The same applies to Oracle portfolios and the paths they have. The notice about retirement is usually sent out 90 days before the test, but some tests may require a 180-day notice. In some cases, however, the notification may be sent in less than 90 days. In 2021, Oracle already withdrew several certification tests. Some of its exams will soon be retired. We will be looking […]

ITIL V3 vs. ITIL IV: The Big Differences

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is the most popular framework for IT service management. Information technology is an ever-evolving field. Every technology is constantly learning, evolving, or advancing. ITIL creators need to keep their framework updated in order to keep up with new technologies. Axelos Limited has recently released an updated version of the ITIL. Continue reading to learn more about the new ITIL version 4, its predecessor ITIL 3 and the main differences between ITIL 3 and 4. ITIL V3 Framework ITIL v3 – ITIL’s third edition of its trademarked framework. This framework is internationally recognized […]

ITIL Interview Questions and Responses in 2022

ITIL Certification is key to a respected career. Therefore, it is important that you take the interview for ITIL seriously and answer the following questions before you attempt the interview. Top ITIL Interview Questions and Answers in 2022 Can ITIL lower the cost of IT investments in an organization? Who and how is a proposed change determined in the Change Management process. What is SLA? What is OLA? What is the significance and purpose of SACM? What is the need for CSFs? When will you create an SDP? Name two service management processes in ITIL Course Certification Define the relationship […]

ITIL Certification Overview: Key Points & Summary

ITIL Certification is a must-have for IT Service Management professionals because it is recognized worldwide by all major brands. This certification is considered more credible in a job interview. ITIL allows organizations to provide high-quality, efficient jobs to their clients. This framework streamlines their services and sets ground rules for all professionals. It is important to understand the core concepts and how it works before you begin your preparations for the ITIL Certification exams. What is ITIL Certification? ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The framework offers proven practices that can be used in IT Service Management, ITSM, and […]

ITIL 4 Leader: Digital Strategy and IT Strategy (DITS). – A guide for digital transformation

All business organizations were forced to accelerate their digital transformation processes exponentially after the Covid-19 pandemic. This has made it possible to examine the digital strategy across all enterprises. IT strategy was primarily a backend, or a planning and process support function, until two decades ago. It was supposed to be aligned with the larger business strategy. This business strategy focused on how to stand out in a competitive marketplace, gain market share, and stay relevant. The digital age and digital transformation have made IT more prevalent in business operations. Although it was a smaller part of business operations, IT […]

ISO 27001 and Associated Certifications

What is ISO 27001? ISO 27001 is an International Standard provided by the International Organization of Standardization. It describes the key processes and approaches required for managing information security risk within an organization. ISO 27001 was designed in a way that can be used in any organization, large or small, profit- or non-profit. A company that implements the standard is certified. This means that it has an information security system that conforms to ISO 27001. Enquire Now Why is it necessary? ISO 27001 is required in order to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information within a company. The entire […]