Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced that its new console to manage Amazon S3 object storage resources has been made generally available. This was after an opt-in trial.
The new Amazon S3 console was first announced at last year’s re:invent 2016. It is now available to registered AWS users.
An introductory video explains that the Amazon S3 console can be used to interact with Amazon S3. The console allows you to perform Amazon S3 tasks with no code.
The new UI has an overview panel that displays a summary of S3 object properties and metrics. There is also a new property page which lists these properties in a smaller card format. Users can now search for buckets using keywords.
AWS stated in a blog yesterday that the Amazon S3 console improves safety when performing operations on objects like delete, cut/copy, paste, change storage type, change encryption, make public, and make public. It also shows the number of objects that will be affected before you start an operation. The object operation status is now displayed in a progress bar visible at the bottom. This allows you to keep track of any changes to objects that may take time to execute. To see more information about any operation in progress, click on it. This will allow you to dive deeper into the status and diagnostics of progress.
You can find more information in documentation or the introductory video. This video explains key features such as the overview panel, bucket property, and object version view.
For more information on how to manage S3 resources, please see yesterday’s AWS Insider article: “Creating Policies Amazon S3 Storage Buckets.”