NetApp Certification Path Overview

NetApp certification provides a wide range of training and certifications to personnel involved in data storage management systems or technical networking. NetApp offers many certifications and it is not easy to understand the structure of the certification program. This blog post will help you understand the structure and guide you in choosing the right training or certification. Introduction to the NetApp Certification Program NetApp has a highly active certification program. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get used to the structure, it becomes easy to understand. There are 14 levels of credentials, including Associate, Specialist, Professional and […]

Part V of.NET Quest: Installing Boson Software on a BootCamp partition

By James Hanback. If you have any old Sierra On-line adventures games, you might notice that they tell a good story about the evolution and storage media of computer hardware from 1980 through the end of 1990s. Your humble co-adventurer was able to package his earliest Sierra adventures on a series 5.25-inch floppy drives. You could also buy Sierra games with both 5.25-inch and 3.25-inch disks later in the decade. This was because at one time, computing people had either a 5.25 inch floppy drive or an 3.5-inch drive in their computers. But not always both. Waddaya means “What’s the […]

Part IV: Installing Boson Software within Oracle VirtualBox

By James Hanback Very few Sierra On-line Adventure Games from the 1980s or early 1990s featured the type of first-person shooter action later to dominate the PC gaming market. The Sierra adventure gamer had to rely on knowledge, wits, and possibly the printed manual to find the solution. Some games, such as Police Quest, required real-life knowledge about police procedure in order to get past the parking lot at the Lytton, Calif. police station. Conquests of Camelot required research into arcane symbolism, which was helpfully documented within the game’s printed manual, Liber Ex Doctrina. You might also find that you […]

Part III of.NET Quest: Installing Boson Software in Parallels Desktop on Mac

By James Hanback The 1980s home computing graphics technology was improved and paved way for the early 90s. Sierra On-Line’s animated graphical adventure worlds became more detailed and artistically rendered. The first King’s Quest was released in 1990. Color Graphics Adapter technology (CGA), had been replaced by Enhanced Graphics Adapter technology (EGA). EGA was replaced by Video Graphics Array technology in the early 1990s. A higher level of detail was possible for gamers with more pixels and more colors. VGA graphics were so much better than previous display technologies, Sierra actually rereleased some of their classic games with updated graphics. […]

Part II of.NET Quest: Installing Boson Software in VMware Fusion

By James Hanback. It was not surprising to the mid-1980s computer-based role-playing adventure games such as King’s Quest, that some players might become frustrated, impatient, or just plain stuck trying to figure out the various solutions to the puzzles. Walk-throughs, which are guides for completing these games, were a clever way to make some extra revenue from the sale of a game. You could buy a printed walkthrough for many games. Some games came with red cellophane decoders, which allowed you to only reveal certain clues as you went along. This preserved some of the mystery of the game and […]

Amazon Web Services Inc. announces the general availability of AWS Greengrass, which extends cloud functionality for Internet of Things-connected devices. AWS Greengrass provides cloud programming and functionality to IoT devices. It allows them to react to events and communicate with each other even when there is no cloud connection. This service allows developers to use the onboard capabilities of local devices for instant processing. It also backs up that functionality with cloud resources for management and updates, elastic compute, storage, and management. AWS Greengrass allows us to extend AWS into customer system — from small devices up to racks of server — in a manner that makes it simple to do the things locally that work best, and to increase those workloads with cloud resources,” AWS CTO Werner Vogels stated in a blog yesterday. AWS Greengrass offers a variety of capabilities such as:

Some data can be collected and processed on local IoT devices, where latency is critical, or in offline situations. Developers can create serverless AWS Lambda function functions in the cloud and then deploy them to local execution devices. This eliminates the need to communicate directly with the cloud for each task. Local messaging between a group of devices Secure communications between a Greengrass group of local devices and the cloud To maintain state for stateless functions such as sync or conflict resolution, keep local device shadows. AWS Greengrass requires two software distributions: AWS IoT Device SDK and a Greengrass Core. […]

New tool compares private and public cloud costs

CloudPhysics has announced a new tool that compares the costs of running enterprise workloads on-premises or in a public Cloud. The Cost Calculator for Private Cloud and Public Cloud Comparison is a data-driven tool that is only available with CloudPhysics Premium Edition. This edition, according to the company, is an “agile and scalable SaaS solution continuously analyses customer environments and leverages collective Intelligence to yield actionable results that optimize performances, lower costs, reduce risks, and enable better business decisions.” However, the new cloud cost calculator is available for a 14-day trial. The company released a news release Wednesday stating that […]

Amazon’s SageMaker Autopilot Now Automates AWS Machine Learning Models. Amazon has announced SageMaker Autopilot, a new tool that Amazon claims can help boost machine learning projects through automating tasks such data preprocessing, training parameters, and classification. SageMaker, the company’s managed service to machine learning, allows companies to work in the Studio IDE environment to “stitch” together different tools such as:

SageMaker Neo, a learning tool SageMaker AugmentedAI, for “human review” of model predictions SageMaker Model Tuning is an automated optimization SageMaker Autopilot is now available for automating the building and training of machine learning models. Amazon shared the following information about SageMaker Autopilot: SageMaker Autopilot first examines your data set and then runs a number candidates to determine the optimal combination data preprocessing, machine learning algorithms, and hyperparameters. This combination is then used to train an Inference Pipeline that you can deploy on a real time endpoint or batch processing. All of this happens on fully-managed infrastructure, as is the […]

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced a new resource optimization recommendation service to help control AWS costs. The service analyzes:

Historical EC2 resource usage Amazon CloudWatch metrics The existing reservation footprint of a user This analysis is used for calculating ideal configurations and generating optimal recommendations that can then be used in the AWS Cost Management service. Users can see advice on actions such as ending unused EC2 instances or rightsizing under-used instances. AWS has added a summary page called Recommendations. The number and type of optimization opportunities available: Based on past usage, the number of recommendations available. Estimated monthly savings Estimated savings (percentage): This is the approximate savings relative to the current instance costs of a user, based upon […]

New Relic supports EC2 on AWS and joins the Partner Program

A new set of New Relic monitoring tools has been added to the company’s Software Analytics Cloud. These features are specifically designed for Amazon Web Services Inc.’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (AWS). The new features were announced at the recent AWS reInvent conference and will allow users to combine performance data from both their application and cloud infrastructure layers. Al Sargent, New Relic’s senior product marketing director, stated that this application-centric approach “allows customers to better leverage speed, focus, and economics of AWS Cloud.” Sargent stated to ADTmag that AWS and New Relic share the same vision of how modern […]