The Evolution of Cloud Security PodCast 2021

The Evolution of Cloud Security Now & To Come Table of Contents This is the audio-only edition of our cyber security talk show, teissTalk. Speakers: John Opala, Vice President, IT Security, McCormick & Company AlixPartners Senior Vice President Cyber Security: Edd Hardy Dr Erdal Ozkaya is the Regional Chief Information Security Officer at Standard Chartered Bank And Paul Baird is Chief Technology Security Officer for the UK, Qualys Jenny Radcliffe hosts this episode THE EVOLUTION CLOUD SECURITY-Hear the Podcast Here For more information: teisstalk/the-evolution-of-cloud-security-then-now-and-to-come/ THE EVOLUTION CLOUD SECURITY What is cloud computing? Cloud Security According to NIST 800-145 definitions, the […]

The Commuter, Cyber Safe (2018)

The Commuter Movie Cyber Safe It’s wonderful to see that the Cyber Security course I helped to create was featured in a major movie production. The Commuter, Liam Neeson’s latest movie, had a screenshot that asks if you are Cyber Safe. A small happy moment in a Hollywood Production category/free-events/ About The Commuter Action-thriller about an ex-cop and insurance salesman who are caught up in a deadly plot during his daily commute home. The Commuter, an American action thriller film that was directed by Jaume Colllet-Serra in 2018, is written by Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi. The film stars […]

Cyber Defense Magazine: The Best Cybersecurity Books Ever

Cyber Defense Magazine: The Best Cybersecurity Books Ever By : Cyber Defence Magazine (Number 62) Books have been a central form of entertainment for humans for many centuries. World-wide, readers spend countless hours immersed in books of different genres, escaping into new worlds. Although all books affect readers differently, history has shown that certain books can have a way to reach large audiences and change lives. These books can help you share knowledge, inspire, and make new discoveries in many fields. They can influence, teach, and change the way we think. Sometimes, these books are so essential and enlightening that […]

FINSEC 2018 Banking Security Summit – Free for Banking Pros

The Banking Security Summit Finsec-The Banking Security Summit 2 will bring together top decision makers and solution providers to discuss case studies and address key issues. Information security professionals will be able to learn about the latest developments and strategies to help protect their organizations against cybercrime. Organisations will learn how to make security decisions that will determine their bank’s future. The Banking Security Summit Dr Erdal Okaya category/free-events/ Banking Security Summit is a half-day, rapid-session virtual conference that connects executives and senior managers who are responsible for advancing capabilities and controls to protect their organization’s Open Banking initiatives. As […]

Cyber Defense 101 – Free Video Training

Cyber Defense: The Art of Cyber Defense Rochesten Reinvent offers a session on how to protect your infrastructure from hackers. The URL: Watch more video trainings category/video-tutorials/ ROCHESTON REINVENT CYBERSECURITY CONFERENCE – 2021 Table of Contents The conference of the virtuous, ruthless and energetic, the energetic, thoroughgoing, probing, and quick-witted will be held again in July 2021. Join us at the Virtual Summit to boost your skills and learn more about the future potential of technology. ROCHESTON REINVENT It is the only event that covers every corner, both the current and future issues in Cybersecurity. It is a gathering ground […]