How to write a Project Charter: Examples & Template

A lot of documentation is required to get a new project off its feet. This includes project requirements and scope documents, risk assessments, and project plans. Project managers are used to going through all the paperwork. It can be difficult for stakeholders and your team to understand the details when they have limited time. This is where a project charter is useful. A project charter is a guideline for project delivery success so everyone can be up to speed quickly. Let’s take a closer view at what a project chart is, why it’s so important, and how you can create […]

How to write a meeting agenda [Free Template & Examples]

Meetings can feel like a waste of time if you and your team have work that needs to be done. Meeting agendas are simple and can help keep meetings on track. They will set clear expectations about what must be done in the time you have together. It ensures that everyone at the meeting understands their role and is ready for the discussion. Never skip the agenda if you want your meetings successful! This article will cover the basics of creating a meeting agenda. We’ll also share a free agenda template that you can use to plan key meetings for […]

How to write a good project management communication plan: Examples & a template

Get our free communication plan template and instantly create a plan for your project. Effective communication is key to successful projects. Communication plans are essential for success. Let’s take a closer view at what a project communications plan is and why it is important to create one for your projects. What is a project communication strategy? A project communication plan is a simple tool that allows you to communicate effectively with your client, team and other stakeholders on a project. It outlines clear guidelines for information sharing and who is responsible for each communication. Why a communications plan is so […]

How to Create a Creative Brief using a Template

Get a free creative brief template to instantly create a brief for any creative project. What is a creative short? A creative brief is a one-page document that outlines the scope, goals and requirements for a creative deliverable. It can be used by freelancers, in-house marketing teams, and ad agencies. It goes beyond the typical project brief by capturing vision, voice and target audience of a campaign or brand for writers, designers and video teams assigned to it. Here are some examples of projects that can benefit from a well-crafted brief: Marketing collateral and brand identity Advertising in print, radio, […]

How to use TeamGantt’s Slack Integration

You ever wished you could transform a Slack chat into a TeamGantt task using TeamGantt? Your wish is granted. TeamGantt for Slack is an integration that allows you to quickly turn team collaboration into project action. Here’s a quick overview of the features TeamGantt For Slack offers: You can create new tasks quickly: Add tasks to your TeamGantt project using actions or slash commands. Keep on top of your daily tasks with Slack. View your daily task list and track task progress. Quickly access active project information: Drag and drop a list into Slack, then filter by search terms. You […]

To Receive Mails, Configure Sub-Domain in AWS SE

This article discusses configuring subdomains with Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), in order to avoid data inconsistencies. Inconsistency observation: Multiple email addresses can be configured in the SES active rule. Some mails/data may not reach SES. Step 1: Verifying the Domain with SES Login to AWS and navigate to the SES section of AWS. Select Verify a new domain Note: As the AWS region, we have selected Northern Virginia (useast-1) Once you have clicked on the Verify a New Domain, you will get a dialog box for configuring your Domain.Configure Domain as Enable the Generate DKIM settings Click […]

Configure AWS VPN Connectivity to Third-Party Network

TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Introduction 2. Configuring AWS3. Configuring the Firewall4. Checking the connection status5. Summary6. CloudThat8. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Introduction Site-to-site VPN connections are usually made between two remote networks, a cloud provider or an on-premises network. It allows for secure communication between remote resources and connects multiple resources at different offices. IPsec connections are secured by key exchange, authentication, encryption, and encryption. This provides enhanced security for data transfer. This type of connection is permanent and can be used for a long time. Other network connections, such as remote access VPN, can be temporarily used to connect to […]

Hugging Face and AWS SageMaker Team Up to Create a Revolution in NLP Model Training

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Overview2. Define Natural Language Processing (NLP). AWS SageMaker4 Fine tune the model and create a SageMaker training position 5. Conclusion6. CloudThat 7. FAQs Overview Natural Language Processing (NLP), a rapidly-evolving discipline, is growing in complexity and speed. Amazon SageMaker is a great platform to quickly train NLP models thanks to its strong ecosystem relationships with companies such as Hugging Face. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Definition Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch in Artificial Intelligence, allows computers to learn, analyze, process, and interpret human languages such as Hindi and English. This allows them to study and deduce […]

CloudWatch Monitoring Supported AWS Services

CloudWatch provides basic and detailed monitoring of AWS services. Basic monitoring is when a service sends data points every five minutes to CloudWatch. CloudWatch receives data points from every service that is subject to detailed monitoring. AWS Services with Monitoring support supports both basic monitoring and detailed monitoring. Auto ScalingBy default basic monitoring is enabled when a launch configuration is created via the AWS Management Console. However, detailed monitoring is available when the launch configuration has been created using an API or the AWS CLI. When created from Console, Auto Scaling sends data every 5 minutes to CloudWatch. You can […]

CloudWatch Custom Metrics Windows Server

CloudWatch users may have requirements to send custom metrics. These metrics can be server-based or application-based. CloudWatch can be notified in a number of ways. One way is to write a PowerShell script that will run periodically and schedule it in Task Scheduler. An alternative way to achieve this, which I find very simple, is to make small changes in EC2ConfigService within your windows instance. ADVANTAGES: It is easy to put into practice. It is not necessary to write lengthy scripts. Task Scheduler is not necessary, which can help to save memory. Most importantly, the margin of error is very […]