Pandas is a better data analysis tool than Excel

Pandas and Microsoft Excel can be combined to give you the best of both worlds, optimize your workflow, and allow you to combine the two. What is pandas? Pandas, a Python software extension, was released in 2008. It works with Python data to manipulate and analyze it. Python is completely free to download, unlike Excel. Data scientists and analysts can use the pandas library for tasks that range from very large to very small. Pandas can: Use BeautifulSoup with BeautifulSup to dump text from a scraper in a database Convert file formats and clean up data quickly Handle large datasets […]

Why Microsoft Retired Windows 10 MCSA

Windows remains a dominant OS and is the preferred OS for enterprise organizations. Windows 10 holds nearly 40% of the global desktop OS market share. Why is Microsoft ending its MCSA: Windows 10 certification this month? It is still useful to learn Windows 10. You can partially blame the cloud for this change in technology and IT. Microsoft’s decision was rooted in the need to bridge the gap between the IT knowledge required to obtain certifications and the skills required to succeed on the job. Soon, Windows 10 will be rolled in to a new role-based certification which covers the […]

Why Linux is used for 90% of the public cloud workload

Renting a car is more appealing than buying a fleet. Cloud computing also provides the organization with the server, database processing, storage, and application support it requires, but only when it is needed. It doesn’t matter how prevalent Linux is in all these options. In 2017, Linux was running 90% of the public cloud workload. Every organization is affected by the open source operating system’s omnipresence, even yours. Google is the Linux kernel’s most basic operating system. Here are the reasons Linux is the most popular public cloud platform. Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training […]

Why Linux is more secure than Windows

Never stop learning is the best way to succeed in IT. SPOTO is the best way to acquire new IT skills. SPOTO Business Solutions is available. You may think of the pioneers of Linux technology who were able to use it in their daily lives a few decades ago. It’s a reasonable thought, but Shawn Powers, a SPOTO Linux trainer, said in a Trainer Talk that Linux is not as mysterious and scary as everyone seems to think. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to learn Linux with our help. Linux has become so easy to use […]