Should Organizations Leverage Employee Strengths

Should Organizations Leverage Employee Strengths A person who uses all of his professional skills and strengths every day is more likely than not to be given a job. The job will require the person’s attention and skill. This has been proven by numerous human behavior studies and research. Research shows that employee engagement is strongly linked to employee strengths. This strong connection is key to a company’s ability to improve its performance. Why employee strength is important Employees can increase their skill and strength by understanding how they feel, act and think every day. They work to improve their natural […]

Do I need to add ‘PMP’ next to my name in my signature?

Do I need to add ‘PMP’ next to my name in my signature? The PMP can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. It is a worthwhile endeavor, as many doors open up for you once you have passed the exam and received your certification. It is a well-respected professional credential that is widely recognized. It is only natural that someone who has passed the exam would want the entire world to know about it. Many people are pondering whether or not to add the title ‘PMP’ after their names (just like doctors do with MD and MBBS). It is […]

How do you set up a PMO? In just 100 days, you can impress them!

How do you set up a PMO? In just 100 days, you can impress them! A leader’s first 100 days in office is a significant milestone. The leader is judged on his/her performance over that period, and the opinions formed during that time will continue throughout his/her tenure. This standard should be set by you as a leader of a PMO. Although this will not be an expectation from your stakeholders, it will be greatly appreciated by them. The above session will show you how to set up a PMO within 100 days. This session is ideal for anyone who […]

What is the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager?

What is the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager? These two words are often used in industries: Scrum Master and Project manager. Both of these roles are important for the success of projects. They can be confusing for young professionals who are just starting out in project management. This is also true for freshers who want to make a career in project management. They are still unsure of which career path to choose. They are unable to see the difference between these roles. Or, are they the same? If they are the same, then why are they called different? […]

Scrum Master Certification Cost

Scrum Master certification can help you get more job opportunities and elevate your career. It’s a good investment that will pay off over the long-term. How much does Scrum Master certification cost you? This guide will help you understand the cost of Scrum Master certification. What is a Scrum Master Certification? A Scrum Master certification, as the name suggests, is a credential that allows software developers to become Scrum Masters. Scrum Masters are responsible for guiding team members in following Scrum guidelines and helping them organize their work schedules. Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Master (CSM), is the most popular Scrum […]

How to Make an S3 Bucket using PowerShell

Sometimes, it’s easier to work with AWS in a shell environment. Although the AWS web dashboard is great for what it is, it takes only a few seconds in PowerShell to create a new S3 account. Using the AWS web dashboard takes much longer. Let’s talk about how to create an S3 bucket using PowerShell so that you can also be a programmer productivity guru. An Overview of How to Make an S3 Bucket with PowerShell [VIDEO] Trevor Sullivan demonstrates how to create an Amazon S3 bucket using AWS PowerShell. After describing the steps to prepare your Amazon Web Services […]

How to create an Amazon SNS topic with PowerShell

Let’s suppose you have an automated AWS infrastructure. How can you get notifications about infrastructure issues or changes? AWS SNS might be used to send these notifications. You can’t pre-configure your environment. This process must be automated. You need to learn how AWS SNS can be automated. Automating SNS allows you to create new Topics using scripts. You will need to learn how you can create an Amazon SNS topic using PowerShell. This article will discuss exactly how to do that. We’ll explain what an SNS subject is and how to create one with PowerShell. What is the difference between […]

How to create a compliant security awareness program

It is crucial that you ensure your end users are trained in security awareness and follow best practices. Hackers have become more sophisticated and more dangerous. It’s more than keeping your networks secure. It’s about protecting your company’s viability and bottom line. A data breach or downtime can cause irreparable damage to an organization, their clients, customers, employees, and their reputation. Implementing a security awareness program is one of the best ways to make sure your end users are aware of security threats. This is a formal process to educate them about computer security. But don’t stop there! A comprehensive […]

How to collaborate with Microsoft Teams

An announcement that a meeting will take place in 20 minutes in the conference hall is enough to ruin the mood in an office. As they mentally organize the tasks they need to complete in the next hour or so, everyone inwardly grumbles. Instead, they’ll be sitting at a table, bored and wondering why it couldn’t all have been done virtually. It’s important to be able to call these meetings in a better way if you are the one calling them. All the cool bosses use collaboration tools. You can be a rockstar if you know as much about each […]

PowerShell is a great first language. Automation and scripting are becoming increasingly important skills for IT professionals. PowerShell is a great way to get started and make you stand out. These skills will help you advance your career, especially with the rise of DevOps.

Take a look at our Microsoft Windows Server training if you are looking to improve your automation skills and your career. These courses will help you accelerate your career. PowerShell can be used immediately if you work in a Windows environment. This is what most IT professionals do. PowerShell can be used to simplify your work, regardless of whether you are responsible for desktops or servers. You don’t have to be a programmer. PowerShell is a great entry point to programming because it is widely used and easy-to-learn. Let’s look at a few solid reasons PowerShell is a great language […]