What is the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager?

These two words are often used in industries: Scrum Master and Project manager. Both of these roles are important for the success of projects. They can be confusing for young professionals who are just starting out in project management. This is also true for freshers who want to make a career in project management. They are still unsure of which career path to choose. They are unable to see the difference between these roles. Or, are they the same? If they are the same, then why are they called different?
Some people view Scrum Master as the Project Manager for an agile environment. They are true to a certain extent, but not entirely. These roles overlap to some extent, however. They are very different. Scrum Master is responsible for agile projects that are guided by Scrum project management principles. A Project Manager, on the other hand, is more focused on traditional project management principles. This article explains the differences between these roles. You are either a Project Manager or are interested in becoming a scrum master. This article is a great way to learn the nuances of these roles. What is a Scrum Master? What is a Project Manager?
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Clarify your doubts!
Before I discuss the differences between these roles, I would like to start by explaining these roles and their responsibilities. This will provide a foundation for better understanding the subject.
Scrum Master vs Project Manager
Let’s now look at these roles in more detail.
Who is a Scrum Master and what are their responsibilities?

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The Scrum Master is someone who ensures scrum principles are being adhered to. He/She ensures scrum team adheres to Scrum during agile projects. Let’s learn more about Scrum before we get into the details about agile scrum master.
What is Scrum Project Management?
Scrum is not a technique or tool that is used in agile projects. It’s a framework for agile project management with Scrum. Scrum framework allows people:
To address complex problems with agility

to deliver high-value products.

The Scrum framework is primarily used in complex product development situations. Scrum is a set of rules and principles that can be used in agile, adaptive product development. The Scrum Master is the leader of the scrum team and acts more as a servant leader for the core scrum team. He/She is responsible for ensuring that scrum rules are understood and implemented by the team. He/She makes every effort to ensure scrum team adheres to scrum principles. Scrum rules and agile practices are fully maintained. A Scrum Master is the scrum leader in adaptive iterative projects. His/Her primary goal is to maximize the value of his/her agile team.
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Scrum Master Roles & Responsibilities
As I have said, a Scrum Master acts as a servant leader. He/She extends their services to the product manager or development team. (Note: The roles of the Product Owner and the development team are discussed later in this article. Let’s look at the responsibilities of the Scrum Master under the following headings:
Scrum Master responsibilities and Services to Product Owner
He/She assists the product owner in managing product backlog efficiently and devises the methods to do so.

He/She assists the product owner in communicating the product’s clear needs to the development team.

Ensure that product owners understand how to manage product back