Dr. Anna Jobin, Dr. Lorien Pratt, Donovan Scott

Dr. Anna Jobin is a researcher at the Health Ethics & Policy Lab of ETH Zurich. She is a multidisciplinary specialist with expertise in sociology, economics, and information management. Her current research focuses on the intersection between science and technology. Her interests include interaction with algorithmic systems, the social dimensions of artificial Intelligence and AI ethics. Lorien Pratt has over 70 years of experience in delivering NLP, ML, and applied AI solutions. Pratt is the bestselling author of Link: How Decision Intelligence links Data, Actions, and Outcomes to a better world. He has been featured on NPR several times and has given two TEDx talks. He is a respected keynote speaker all over the globe. Donovan Scott is the Global Portfolio Director for Emerging Technologies with Global Knowledge. Donovan is a forward-thinker who has over 20 years’ experience in creating innovative products for IT professionals and training them. His leadership and holistic approach have influenced his efforts to improve learning through innovations. This tech talk features experts discussing: Technology ethics guidelines Future of ethical AI