Project management involves many steps. Project management can be managed in a structured and healthy manner using a variety of processes. To achieve the desired results, a framework must be established and these processes should be followed throughout the project’s life cycle. What is needed to establish a budget, what is required for completing the schedule, and how will the quality requirements be met?
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All of these are possible with the help and guidance of project management.
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What is project management? What process groups are part of the project management process? What is the relationship between these different project management process groups
Let’s start with a brief overview about the project management process groups.
What are the Project Management Process Groups (PMPG)?
There are process groups called “project management process group” in project management. Five project management process groups can be identified. These five project management process groups, and their activities, are:
Group Activities for the Initiating Process: These activities are primarily used to initiate a project.
Planning Process Group Activities: These activities help to plan the project properly.
Executing Process Group Activities : These activities are used to manage the project and produce the deliverables or work.
Monitoring and Controlling Process Group Activities: These activities are crucial for the success of projects. Monitoring and controlling activities are used to verify that the project is on track. They also check for deviations from the planned results. Project management will correct any deviations in order to achieve the project objectives.
Closing Process Group Activities : These activities are used to close the project, finalize activities and document closing paperwork.

Project management processes can be documented and managed with the help of project management templates. To get an idea of the process, you can view free samples of project management templates.
What is Project Management Process?
Project management processes are what determine “what to do when” within a project. From the beginning of a project’s inception until its close, there are many activities. Each activity has a specific order. Can you buy a tool that will be used during a project without the initiation? The answer is no. Can you assign the project resources before completing the plan? It is the same answer. The activities to be performed and the steps to be completed are clearly defined. This is possible with the help project management processes.

Project management processes don’t just define “what to do when” for a project. They also specify “what you need to do” to manage the project. These processes also determine what inputs and outputs will be required to complete an activity. The project manager will be able to determine the budget and what she or he must do to complete the budget estimation.
The Sequential Order
As we mentioned above, there should be a specific order of project management processes in order to complete the entire project. This is the order:

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