How to choose the right web application for your project

Collaboration has become more important with globalization as people from all corners of the globe can contribute to a project. Because web design and development businesses may not have a physical location, they need a project management program. They need to have close interactions to ensure that the project is completed on time and without any problems. These scenarios will greatly impact the outcome of the project. Web applications are a great way to manage projects. They have all the right ingredients for you to maximize productivity and guide the project in the right direction. You can keep track of […]

How to kick-start your project management skills

Project management roles include planning, organizing, motivating, planning, and controlling. Dr Martin Barnes, former president of the Association for Project Management, stated that project management is, at its core, about getting things done. This article will reveal the true nature and requirements of project management, as well as what it takes to be a successful Project Manager. What is Project Management? Project management, in its simplest form, is a role that manages changes within a project. This role can be as large as the Olympics or as small as a birthday celebration. David Higgins, chief executive officer of the Olympic […]

How to keep remote employees happy and stress-free?

Remote teams are often more cost-effective as they allow you to save a lot on infrastructure costs. It is important for business owners to ensure that remote teams work together in a happy and stable work environment. This is crucial for building a team that works together and delivers. Take Care of Your Pets It can be difficult to keep your team happy. It can be difficult to keep your team happy when they are away from you and communication is limited. Encouragement and recognition via mail can help keep them motivated. Remote teams should feel like an integral part […]

How to improve your team’s technology proficiency

Table of Content What is technology quotient? Why is high TQ important in today’s business environment Why is high TQ important for the future business environment What is Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ), and how can it be used? How can project managers improve the TQ of their teams? All industries and sectors were tested to the limits by the COVID-19 pandemic. These industries had a varied response and impact. Companies that were rigid and uncompromising collapsed, while those that were more flexible survived and even thrived. Companies that were able to adapt new strategies using technology performed better than […]

How to improve your team’s task prioritization

In 2018, a study showed that more than 50% of professionals work remotely for more than half of their week. The positive response from companies to telecommuting, as well as the emergence and greater connectivity of shared workspaces and the rise and rise of the gig economy, has changed the vision, values and attitudes of corporate leaders. Face-to-face interaction declined and digital communication thrived. However, it became more difficult for teams to collaborate spontaneously, build team-building, align projects, and prioritize tasks. Table of Contents Why task prioritization matters Informally prioritizing ways you already prioritize Setting up a formal task prioritization […]

Should Organizations Leverage Employee Strengths

Should Organizations Leverage Employee Strengths A person who uses all of his professional skills and strengths every day is more likely than not to be given a job. The job will require the person’s attention and skill. This has been proven by numerous human behavior studies and research. Research shows that employee engagement is strongly linked to employee strengths. This strong connection is key to a company’s ability to improve its performance. Why employee strength is important Employees can increase their skill and strength by understanding how they feel, act and think every day. They work to improve their natural […]

Do I need to add ‘PMP’ next to my name in my signature?

Do I need to add ‘PMP’ next to my name in my signature? The PMP can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. It is a worthwhile endeavor, as many doors open up for you once you have passed the exam and received your certification. It is a well-respected professional credential that is widely recognized. It is only natural that someone who has passed the exam would want the entire world to know about it. Many people are pondering whether or not to add the title ‘PMP’ after their names (just like doctors do with MD and MBBS). It is […]

How do you set up a PMO? In just 100 days, you can impress them!

How do you set up a PMO? In just 100 days, you can impress them! A leader’s first 100 days in office is a significant milestone. The leader is judged on his/her performance over that period, and the opinions formed during that time will continue throughout his/her tenure. This standard should be set by you as a leader of a PMO. Although this will not be an expectation from your stakeholders, it will be greatly appreciated by them. The above session will show you how to set up a PMO within 100 days. This session is ideal for anyone who […]

What is the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager?

What is the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager? These two words are often used in industries: Scrum Master and Project manager. Both of these roles are important for the success of projects. They can be confusing for young professionals who are just starting out in project management. This is also true for freshers who want to make a career in project management. They are still unsure of which career path to choose. They are unable to see the difference between these roles. Or, are they the same? If they are the same, then why are they called different? […]

Scrum Master Certification Cost

Scrum Master certification can help you get more job opportunities and elevate your career. It’s a good investment that will pay off over the long-term. How much does Scrum Master certification cost you? This guide will help you understand the cost of Scrum Master certification. What is a Scrum Master Certification? A Scrum Master certification, as the name suggests, is a credential that allows software developers to become Scrum Masters. Scrum Masters are responsible for guiding team members in following Scrum guidelines and helping them organize their work schedules. Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Master (CSM), is the most popular Scrum […]