SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches you how to set up, manage and scale Redis deployments for in-memory caching, and sub-millisecond response time.
This complete Redis training is available.
Redis is not required for every cloud administrator to be able to use it. You might be able to use Redis to store data in a way that allows you to read/write in less than a second and performs millions of operations per minute.
Redis’ in-memory storage means that Redis data can be reached faster and supports orders of magnitude more operations than databases which need to travel all the way to disk. Redis Essentials training is for cloud administrators who need to perform large numbers of computations quickly.
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Start trainingThe series covers topics like delivering sub-millisecond responses that allow millions of requests per seconds, implementing flexible data structures such as strings, sets, HyperLogLogs, and more, and using streams, Redis’ completely new data structure.
Although this training does not lead to certification, it is still valuable skills training for cloud administrators who want to learn in-memory storage structures.
This training covers the following topics:
Redis CLI
Redis CLI – Store Data Inside Redis
Programming Redis with Python
Redis Persist Data
Review and Call to Action

You can watch a video from the series here:

Redis is now available!
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