All business organizations were forced to accelerate their digital transformation processes exponentially after the Covid-19 pandemic. This has made it possible to examine the digital strategy across all enterprises.
IT strategy was primarily a backend, or a planning and process support function, until two decades ago. It was supposed to be aligned with the larger business strategy. This business strategy focused on how to stand out in a competitive marketplace, gain market share, and stay relevant.
The digital age and digital transformation have made IT more prevalent in business operations. Although it was a smaller part of business operations, IT is now more integral to the digital strategy of an organisation. This allows for the digital transformation process to move forward.
The ITIL 4 Leader: Digital Strategy (DITS), certification training is designed to help individuals and businesses learn how to create and implement a digital strategy.
Digital Transformation: The Early Adopters & The Others
The digital transformation process was initiated by industries such as banking, IT, telecommunications, and eCommerce. They created their digital infrastructure and established a value-chain offering digital services before most of the world. This was a very rewarding move that helped these industries to stay afloat and offer new and innovative virtual experiences to customers during the pandemic.
The public sector and government institutions, on the other hand have been slower to adopt a digital-first mindset. These institutions failed to implement new digital capabilities at a time when physical accessibility was ending. Their services and customer experiences suffered greatly.
Today’s businesses need to find a way of easing the transition from a fully physical, hardware-based business model to a virtualised, digitalized business model. The ultimate goal is to enhance customer experience by integrating seamlessly with omnichannel businesses that don’t rely on legacy systems.
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What is DITS?
ITIL 4 Leader: DITS training course is designed to assist business professionals and organisations in implementing and phasing out their digital transformation strategies. It focuses on the challenges of developing a digital strategy, aligning your business and IT strategies, and ensuring seamless digital transformation. These 8 steps are
The key concepts of digital strategy and IT strategy
Strategy and the service value model
Analysis of the environment and opportunities
Strategic planning
Strategic approaches
Strategic initiatives management
Measuring s