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Effective communication is key to successful projects. Communication plans are essential for success.
Let’s take a closer view at what a project communications plan is and why it is important to create one for your projects.
What is a project communication strategy?
A project communication plan is a simple tool that allows you to communicate effectively with your client, team and other stakeholders on a project. It outlines clear guidelines for information sharing and who is responsible for each communication.
Why a communications plan is so important in project management
You are the project manager and have already planned every task and deliverable in order to get you to the finish line. You can do the same with project communications. Your project plan requires constant communication to stay on track.
Communication plans are an integral part of every project.
Creating written documentation everyone can turn to
Clear expectations regarding when and how updates will be shared
Increasing visibility and status of the project
Offering feedback opportunities
Team meetings can be more productive
Ensure that the project aligns with goals
The easiest way to create a project plan
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There is no one right way to communicate about a project. Your communication plan should include a variety communication methods. Here are some to consider:
Meetings (in person, by phone, or via video chat)
Discussion boards
Status reports
Collaboration apps
To-do lists
How do you decide what is right for your project? Look back at past projects to see which ones worked and which didn’t. Talk to your client, team, and other stakeholders to ensure that you consider their communication styles. A weekly email is useless if no one ever reads it.
How to create a communication plan that is effective for a project
Are you ready to create a communication plan for your next project or business? These 5 steps will help you create a project management communication plan.
Step 1: List the communication requirements for your project
Every project is unique, so determine the size and nature of the project. Also, consider the client’s preferences.
Next, create a list of the communication types that are required for this project to succeed.
Step 2: Define your purpose for your communications
Overloading people with emails and unnecessary meetings can hinder their ability to work efficiently and cause them to miss important updates. Make sure you are purposeful with your plan and that every communication you include has an objective.
If you feel ambitious, outline a basic agenda of the topics to be covered in each meeting.
Step 3: Choose a communication method
Are you really going to need a meeting to discuss weekly updates or is your project discussion forum sufficient? You need to think about how your team works so that they can remain in the loop and still be productive.
You can also include a phone call if your client prefers that personal touch.
Step 4: Establish a tone for your project communication
To streamline your communication and establish clear expectations, establish a regular frequency of communication.
This is not just for the sane.