Google Cloud Platform (GCP), has been one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms. To start your Google Cloud journey, becoming a Google Cloud (GCP), Certified Cloud Digital Leader is the best way to go. This certification is sweeping the cloud world. The main question is how do you prepare for this role? We will also cover the steps required to pass the exam to become a Cloud Digital Leader. It is important to be focused on your preparation and understand the –
Fundamental cloud terminology.
Google Cloud solutions and products that support digital transformation
Cloud technology and data can be used to innovate within organizations.
Analyzing key change patterns and Google Cloud products to improve infrastructure and application performance.
Who are the Cloud Digital Leaders?
A Cloud Digital Leader can identify and explore the various capabilities of Google Cloud core products, and how they might be used to meet specific business goals. A Cloud Digital Leader is an expert in cloud computing foundations. They can demonstrate a wide range cloud computing competence in a variety situations. They can also:
First, we will describe the primary products and services of Google Cloud, as well as their benefits for organizations.
Secondly, we will describe common commercial uses of cloud technology to help firms thrive.
Guide to passing the Cloud Digital Leader Exam
All job functions can take the Cloud Digital Leader exam. If you are interested in or need to learn more about the purpose and use Google Cloud products, take the exam. Although there are no prerequisites, it is recommended that you have some experience working with technical professionals.
The Google Cloud Digital Leader exam is a 90-minute exam that includes multiple-choice and multi-select questions. It also contains real-world technical situations to assess your ability to identify the best cloud solutions and Google Cloud products. The exam registration fee for the exam is $99 and it is available in both English or Japanese.
Step 1: Register for Exam
These steps will help you schedule an exam:
First, go to Google Cloud and search for the exam that you are interested in, then click Register.
Google Cloud certifications are available in many languages. You’ll find a list of languages on the exam page. You can create a new Google Cloud account to access the instance of your chosen language in Webassessor if you are a first-time exam taker or a certified exam taker in a localized language.
Create an account, and choose whether you wish to take the exam online. These are the exam delivery options: Remotely taking the proctored online exam. First, review the requirements for online testing.
Second, go to a testing center and take the onsite-proctored test. You might find a test centre near you.

Step 2: Understand the Exam Objectives
This is an important aspect of your preparation. Each exam has a topic section. This topic section is very important. To gain a better understanding of the topic, it is important to read through each section. Each subject of the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam has its own set parts and subsections. These are the topics:
Section 1. Section 1.
Specifying basic cloud technologies.
Differentiating cloud service models.
Discovering common cloud procurement financial concepts.
Section 2. Section 2.
Recognizing the Google Cloud process meeting common compliance requirements.
Recognizing the key elements of Google Cloud resource hierarchy.
How to optimize Google Cloud costs.
Google Cloud’s Geographic Information Explained