For career advancement, certifications are essential. A Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer oversees efficient development operations that balance service reliability with delivery speed. They are proficient in using Google Cloud Platform to create software delivery pipelines, monitor and deploy services, and manage and learn after incidents. As a survival mechanism for the corporate sector, we need to embrace excellence. Certifications give us an advantage over others and improve our performance. Certifications are a great way to be the best in this world of certified professionals. They can also show your dedication and commitment to the goals and your determination to achieve them.
Without proper guidance, it can be difficult to pass certifications such as Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam. These certifications can help you get your dream job and climb the corporate ladder. This is the right place to go if you want to pass the Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam. This article will provide you with all the information about the exam and a few resources to help you prepare. Let us get underway.
Why Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam?
A professional cloud DevOps engineer is responsible for efficient development operations that balance service reliability with delivery speed. The demand for Certified Google DevOps Professionals is growing at a rapid pace.
We can see that 81% of enterprises use DevOps practices, along with 70% of small and medium businesses. There are many reasons why DevOps practices have been adopted more frequently, including:
First, automated delivery pipelines allow for the release of smaller features more frequently
Second, Microservice architecture is being increasingly adopted
Next: Reduced failure rate for new releases
The lead time between fixes is also shorter
In the event of a new release crashing, there is a faster recovery time.
Let’s now look at the exam overview to learn more about the exam and how it will help you prepare for your final exam.
Exam overview
The Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam has 50 questions that must be answered in 120 minutes. The exam costs $200, plus taxes. Prices and taxes may vary depending on where you live. The exam is only available in English and the type of questions are multiple choice and multiple-select questions. The exam does not require any prerequisites, but google recommends that you have at least three years of industry experience, including one year managing solutions on GCP.
Exam Details
Exam nameGoogle Cloud DevOps Engineer ExamExam codeGCPNo. of questions50Language availableEnglishExperience requiredThree+ years of industry experience including one+ years managing solutions on GCPQuestion formatMultiple choice and multiple selectExam price$200 plus taxesRegistration platformGoogle cloud WebassessorRelated Exam Details
Register for the exam by creating new Google Webassessor accounts. Select your exam, then choose your language and test center. The Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam has no passing score. Instead, the panel will determine the passing score.
We are done with the details about the exam. Let us now look at the syllabus.
Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam Course Outline
Google has identified 5 areas for testing. These are the testing areas:
1. Site reliability engineering principles applied to a service
This module will test your knowledge on the following:
First, balance change, velocity, reliability of the service
Discover SLIs (availability, latency, etc.)
Understand SLOs and define SLOs
Accept the consequences of failing to meet the error budget
Construct feedback loops