You must follow a specific track if you want to pass the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer exam. This article will help you prepare for the Google Certified Professional Data Engineer exam.
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Firstly, CurrentGoogle CertifiedProfessionalData Engineer certification
Its values
Resources and exam guide
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Who is a Data Engineer, and what are their responsibilities?
Technology has also changed the area of responsibility, as “big data” has made it easier to store and retrieve information. Many companies store their data in a variety of formats across multiple databases. Data engineer is here to help.
Data engineers are typically responsible for managing data workflows, pipelines and ETL processes. A data engineer also transforms data into useful formats for analysis.
“A scientist can find a new star, but cannot make it.” He would need to ask an engineer to do this for him.
-Gordon Lindsay Glegg
Understanding Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Certification
The main question, before you scroll down to the details of the exam is why you want to become a GoogleCloudData Engineer. This question can be answered by cloud computing.
Cloud computing is a new trend that is here to stay. To get a better understanding, you can refer to the following:
First, the computer industry has seen significant growth. This growth will continue for five more years.
Second, the volume of data being created is increasing faster. 90 percent of data was created in the past 2 years.
Third, the ability and ability to transform data into usable information is becoming increasingly complex and requires new skills.
The data engineer is a good fit for this field, which encourages certification.
Exam Overview

A candidate who wants to become a data engineer can get the Google Data Engineer Certification. To become a data engineer, a candidate must pass the certification exam.
The Professional Data Engineer exam tests your ability to:
Exam Details
Before we can discuss the prerequisites for Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification, we need to know the requirements for each exam.
Google Data Engineer Certification Exam consists of 15 multiple-choice and multiple-choice questions. The exam will take you 2 hours to complete and you must score 70% to pass it. The exam is valid for two years and is available in four languages: English Japanese Spanish Portuguese and Spanish. The exam costs $200 USD.
Exam Details
The exam is first associated with Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer.
Second, the exam will contain 15 case study questions of type multiple choice or multiple select.
The exam takes approximately 2 hours.
The exam will cost $200 USD.
You must score at least 70% to pass the exam.
This exam is valid for 2 years.
The exam can also be taken in Japanese or English.
Prerequisites for the Exam
Different exams have different requirements so it is important to be familiar with the requirements for Professional Data Engineer. These are the requirements for each exam:
Candidate must be able to scale and work efficiently
He/she should be able design and monitor data processing systems, with a special emphasis on security.
A data engineer must be able to use and train existing machine learning models.
Course outline
Let’s now discuss the exam outline after we have a better understanding of all the details. Let’s take a look at the topics you will need to cover for the exam.
Designing data processi