How do you set up a PMO? In just 100 days, you can impress them!

A leader’s first 100 days in office is a significant milestone. The leader is judged on his/her performance over that period, and the opinions formed during that time will continue throughout his/her tenure. This standard should be set by you as a leader of a PMO. Although this will not be an expectation from your stakeholders, it will be greatly appreciated by them.

The above session will show you how to set up a PMO within 100 days. This session is ideal for anyone who is new to the PMO role, or who is setting up a PMO. The session covered the following topics:
What is a PMO?
Journey to the position of a leader in the PMO
Skills and training required for a leader of a PMO
100 Days & Beyond roadmap
The roadmap’s key steps and top 3 checklist items are listed below.
How to overcome common reasons PMOs fail
Here are some quick tips to increase your chances of a successful PMO