Technology wish lists don’t have to be logical. When they can be entertaining, who needs a robot bartender? It’s all about having a lot of fun and looking for the latest gadgets.
Global Knowledge’s tech experts were asked to share their top wishes for the year. Some of the answers were practical (baby sound machine, car health monitor). Others were more extravagant (drive in movie theatre for your house).
Here are our top 12 tech gifts for 2019:

12. Hatch Baby Rest $59.99
How it works: The Hatch Baby Rest nightlight and sound machine is perfect for any nursery. There are many preset sounds available, including rain and babbling brook. babbling brook, rain, etc.) The Hatch Baby Rest can also be controlled remotely via a smart phone, or manually by changing the colors. It also has a time-to-rise alarm that is great for older children.
Coolest feature: This app can be a lifesaver. You can adjust the Hatch Baby Rest from your smartphone. This means you don’t need to tip-toe or hold your breathe when entering your baby’s room. Is there anything worse than accidentally awakening a sleepy infant?
Ryan Day, Content Marketing Manager. I want this holiday season for my daughter and me to be peaceful. The Hatch Baby Rest helped me to understand that the sound waves from the ocean can make my daughter sleepy. This information is crucial for when I pitch my idea of a beach house to my wife.

11. Portable Drive-In Movie Theatre ($599.99)
It works like this: The portable theater drive has an LED projector and a 12-inch speaker. There is also a subwoofer. Your favorite films can be projected onto the screen at 70inches. Who wouldn’t want to host backyard movie nights?
Coolest feature: The wireless microphone allows you to be the movie host, or embarrass the inconsiderate members who are being too loud.
Northeast Account Manager Joseph Formicola: “This is the kind of thing that you buy, but maybe only once. Is it worth it? Wait until the next day, when everyone talks about how sweet you were during Mission Impossible 37. Can they stop making them!

10. ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor ($79.99).
How it works: Real-time alerts let you monitor your car’s engine health and decipher dashboard alerts. This could potentially save you a trip to the repair shop. The ZUS can be connected directly to your car’s OBDII connector. The ZUS app allows you to pair it with your smartphone. It logs all data, including monthly and annual reports. It saves your parking spot, so you can easily find your car in a crowded lot.
Coolest feature: The Safety Center App uses a predictive algorithm to analyze your engine data and alert you before potential problems occur.
Jarrick Brown, Account Manager. An unidentified light on your dashboard can be as alarming and frightening as an error on a computer screen. This is for road warriors such as me. After I paid off my car, I had to immediately transfer money to my car for repairs. This would have allowed me to avoid common pitfalls at repair shops and keep my pace.

9. Anova Precision Cooker (Sous Vide), $1199
It works like this: Attach the Anova Precision Cooker to any pot of boiling water. Next, seal the bag and place your food. Next, use the controls for the temperature and cooking time. The device heats water to the right temperature to prepare any type of cuisine. It produces consistent results, without exposing you uncooked parasites.
Coolest feature: A model that has Wi-Fi connectivity is worth the extra cost. You can turn it on with your smartphone. After you finish a glass of wine, dinner will be ready in no more than a few minutes. You can make dinner as simple or complex as you wish.