Red Hat Ansible: What’s it? What are its job roles? Learn more at our Global Knowledge Tech Talk hosted by Brent Brandow. Joined by Red Hat experts John Walter and Scott Stewart. John Walter is a Red Hat solution architect, and Scott Stewart is senior manager for Red Hat’s training and certification groups.

Red Hat Ansible Tech Talk Question
What is Red Hat Ansible? How can it help me?
What job roles can Ansible benefit from?
What are the benefits of Ansible over Red Hat Puppets
How does Ansible connect to systems in an environment?
You might be wondering what Red Hat Ansible Galaxy is.
What is Red Hat Ansible Vault? How does it work?
How does Ansible fit into the Red Hat portfolio
What about storage?
What does Ansible refer to for security engineers?
How can Ansible help network engineers
What does it mean that Red Hat Ansible technology is readable by humans?
Where can you find Red Hat playbooks?
Could you please give us some examples of use-cases?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux administrators will benefit from Ansible training courses.
What Red Hat Ansible training courses can Global Knowledge offer?
Red Hat makes networking easy
Are there any courses I need to take before I can take Ansible courses?

What is Red Hat Ansible? How can it help me?
TOP Ansible can be described as an automation language. Ansible can be broken down into two products. Ansible Engine is our product. This is what customers often refer to when talking about Ansible. That’s playbooks. It is easy to automate tasks with human-readable methods. Ansible Tower, another web UI, enhances many of the functionality provided by Ansible.
Playbooks can be used to automate tasks on Engine side. They are YAML text files which go through each task individually. They can be used with any system in your environment.
Tower is a great option for large-scale deployments. Tower is an excellent choice for larger deployments. It allows you to use role based access controls, job scheduling and workflow control, as well as other features.
What job roles can Ansible benefit from?
TOP I believe that everyone in your company will benefit. I have a background in administration. I have an administration background. Ansible is a great tool for automating repetitive tasks that you do all the time. Ansible is an excellent tool for automating playbooks.
It doesn’t really matter what it is, configurations or deployments. Administration is a lot of repeating the same thing over again. It’s great to be able to write a playbook once and then run it every time you need it.
Developers can do the exact same thing. I had the pleasure to work with many developers. They shared their experiences about setting up environments for Ruby. They must install Ruby. They must also download their libraries. This is something they must do each time they develop an app. You can automate this process with an Ansible playbook.
Ansible is a DevOps tool. Role-based access controls have been discussed before. This allows you control who has access to which systems within your organization. Your production systems should not be accessible to developers. Administrators should not have access to your development systems. These environments should be accessible only by you.