Do I need to add ‘PMP’ next to my name in my signature?

The PMP can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. It is a worthwhile endeavor, as many doors open up for you once you have passed the exam and received your certification. It is a well-respected professional credential that is widely recognized. It is only natural that someone who has passed the exam would want the entire world to know about it. Many people are pondering whether or not to add the title ‘PMP’ after their names (just like doctors do with MD and MBBS).
It is easy to understand why you want it to be named after your name. The newly-appointed PMP wants everyone to recognize the hard work and effort that he has put into increasing his knowledge and expanding his professional opportunities. He could be admired and respected by his peers, as well as the admiration and respect of his boss. This is not always true. Your enthusiasm to show off your name could be misinterpreted by your colleagues as vanity. You should be yourself at times. Who knows? Perhaps your name, in all its simplicity, is the perfect brand for you and who you want it to be. Your superiors should praise you, not your title. Your class will see you as a leader who is dedicated to his work, not your titles.
Sorry if I was harsh in my opinion about displaying your PMP title. I am only trying to show what might happen in the worst-case scenario. You don’t have to be shy about obtaining the certification. There are many other ways you can bring it out. One of the most effective ways to promote yourself professionally is to highlight your PMP title on your resume. This will make your first agenda the business you are running. Although the purpose of the communication isn’t to advertise your PMP, it is certainly noticed by them and acknowledged by them. Remember that’subtlety is the watchword. And, congratulations on passing the PMP again!
Author : Lisa Findlay