Your processes look great on paper. You have communication guidelines, rules about the tools you use, assets location, and how they are shared.
These workflows don’t account for all the micro-adjustments that your team has made with each project. You end up with a more complex process than the team has created to manage the work they handle.
It is so difficult to create workflows that are both clear and easy to follow, but also flexible enough to adapt to changing work habits.
This session is for anyone who has struggled with chaos in your team’s processes. We challenged Dave and Nim of Kintone to help us create effective team workflows. They also led a hands-on exploration with the audience about how to create adaptable processes that can be modified as our needs change.
What you’ll learn
How to create efficient workflows for your staff
How to use tools in your workflow without creating redundancies
How tech can be leveraged to make your multi-tool workflow more flexible
Real-world solutions for specific use cases and the pain points that they solve
What you take away
Improved visibility of current friction points in your workflows
How to create adaptable processes that allow you to embrace change
How to use tech to manage the change
How to reduce workflow chaos without changing the tools that your team loves
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