9 Templates to Maximize TeamGantt’s Zapier Integration

While project plans are essential for getting work done, they’re not the only tool that your team uses every day. TeamGantt spends a lot of time in Slack and Github, Intercom, as well as the entire Google Suite. Although we have centralized most of our project planning, team collaboration, and other tools within our tool, we know that there will always be interconnected tools that can help your team get the job done efficiently. We offer integrations with popular apps like Trello, Slack and Dropbox. And we’re always working on more! To help your team sync your tools, we also […]

9 Simple Ways to Save Your Project From Self-Destruct

It often starts out sweetly. You have a great idea for a project. You find the best people to manage the various resources. You are responsible for overseeing the progress of everyone and delegating tasks. You dream of your customers spending hundreds of dollars on it, so make sure you are ready. As you get deeper into the project, things begin to go sour. You lose control. Hold on to your dear life Many projects start with a great idea and basic knowledge. When you are unable to handle the complexity and problems of the project, things can spiral outof […]

9 Signs that Project Management is Your True Calling

Do you love what your do? Or do you do it to make a living doing what you love. For many years, I was part of the second group. Selling toothpaste, dog food, or pharmaceuticals is something that I don’t feel passionate about. It was a job. It allowed me to live comfortably, so I could enjoy my leisure time after work and pay for my lifestyle. I enjoyed what I did, and I was skilled at it. But I wasn’t passionate about it. Now, I love to write! I can do it anywhere! I meet the most amazing people. […]

9 Leadership Books, Podcasts, and Learning Opportunities to Inspire you

Are you looking for resources that will help you grow as an executive leader? These are our favorites to keep us inspired! Add leadership books to your reading list You’ve probably heard the phrase: Leaders are readers. There are many leadership books available. Here are four books we recommend. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap, and Others Don’t Jim Collins’ book Good to Great dispels many myths that prevent companies from reaching their full potential. Only 11 of the 1,435 great companies that Collins studied over the course 5 years were transformed into great ones. Why? They […]

9 Essential Tips to Manage Remote Teams

This is part 2 in a series on how to get remote. Part 1 can be found here. Many of you have found yourself in remote work situations over the past few days. There are many resources available to help you maximize your productivity while working remotely, but not much for managers who need to adapt to this new environment. Management of your team remotely is a challenge. TeamGantt has been working remotely since the beginning. We have some tips to offer. We wanted to hear what other remote-first businesses had to say. We reached out to the top remote […]

How to write a Project Charter: Examples & Template

A lot of documentation is required to get a new project off its feet. This includes project requirements and scope documents, risk assessments, and project plans. Project managers are used to going through all the paperwork. It can be difficult for stakeholders and your team to understand the details when they have limited time. This is where a project charter is useful. A project charter is a guideline for project delivery success so everyone can be up to speed quickly. Let’s take a closer view at what a project chart is, why it’s so important, and how you can create […]

How to write a meeting agenda [Free Template & Examples]

Meetings can feel like a waste of time if you and your team have work that needs to be done. Meeting agendas are simple and can help keep meetings on track. They will set clear expectations about what must be done in the time you have together. It ensures that everyone at the meeting understands their role and is ready for the discussion. Never skip the agenda if you want your meetings successful! This article will cover the basics of creating a meeting agenda. We’ll also share a free agenda template that you can use to plan key meetings for […]

How to write a good project management communication plan: Examples & a template

Get our free communication plan template and instantly create a plan for your project. Effective communication is key to successful projects. Communication plans are essential for success. Let’s take a closer view at what a project communications plan is and why it is important to create one for your projects. What is a project communication strategy? A project communication plan is a simple tool that allows you to communicate effectively with your client, team and other stakeholders on a project. It outlines clear guidelines for information sharing and who is responsible for each communication. Why a communications plan is so […]

How to Create a Creative Brief using a Template

Get a free creative brief template to instantly create a brief for any creative project. What is a creative short? A creative brief is a one-page document that outlines the scope, goals and requirements for a creative deliverable. It can be used by freelancers, in-house marketing teams, and ad agencies. It goes beyond the typical project brief by capturing vision, voice and target audience of a campaign or brand for writers, designers and video teams assigned to it. Here are some examples of projects that can benefit from a well-crafted brief: Marketing collateral and brand identity Advertising in print, radio, […]

How to use TeamGantt’s Slack Integration

You ever wished you could transform a Slack chat into a TeamGantt task using TeamGantt? Your wish is granted. TeamGantt for Slack is an integration that allows you to quickly turn team collaboration into project action. Here’s a quick overview of the features TeamGantt For Slack offers: You can create new tasks quickly: Add tasks to your TeamGantt project using actions or slash commands. Keep on top of your daily tasks with Slack. View your daily task list and track task progress. Quickly access active project information: Drag and drop a list into Slack, then filter by search terms. You […]