How Christopher Carey Took A Chance & Found A New Career

Pre-Dojo: He co-owned and operated a family dining establishment with his parents High school dropout He was afraid to leave his business but wanted more for his family and his children. After Dojo: As a web developer for a local business He has a newfound confidence in himself He has a work/life balance that he has never experienced before Program: Three full-stack bootcamps in Chicago, IL Testimonial: “It taught my confidence, that I can learn new things and that this is what I want to be doing.” Please tell us about yourself. Your age, hobbies, passions and what you did […]

How Orange County Alumni Michelle Tanzil Changed Careers

Pre-Dojo: As a sales & marketing professional She wanted a better job to use her critical thinking skills. I was interested in web development and was learning it as a hobby. After Dojo: As a developer support engineer She is confident that she has a great starting point in her career as a dev professional Aspires to work in FAANG companies or be admitted to the Microsoft LEAP program Program: Three Full-Stack Bootcamps in Orange County, CA Testimonial: It was upon me that graduation day came. I felt at home in the Dojo, and I didn’t want to leave. I […]

Find your Footing in Cloud Security With CCSP

When we think of cloud security, the first thing that comes to mind is ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSP) certification. In the cloud security field, there has been a significant increase in demand for the CCSP exam over the past few years. This has led to increased opportunities and new possibilities for applicants. This has also created a constant competition in the market. Some candidates find CCSP difficult. The CCSP exam isn’t as difficult as the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). However, this doesn’t mean that you can pass the exam easily. It is important to study and […]

CompTIA Certification offers a variety of career opportunities

What is CompTIA Certification? CompTIA, or The Computing Technology Industry Association certification, is a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of IT industry-oriented certifications from its vendor. These certifications are highly valued in the IT industry due to their practicality and high significance. These certification courses have helped the IT-brigade to grow year after year. Today, more than 2.2 million IT professionals have been accredited. CompTIA is a global provider vendor-neutral IT certifications such as the A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications. CompTIA certifications are primarily for entry-level professionals, which attracts students and newcomers to the IT field. CompTIA Certification […]

Expert Study Tips to Pass the CISSP-ISSEP Certification Exam

The CISSP/ISSEP certification is for CISSPs who are skilled in implementing system engineering principles and methods to create secure systems. Who should obtain CISSP-ISSEP certification? This certification is for CISSPs with at least 2 years of relevant full-time work experience in engineering. They are interested in CISSP/ISSEP certification to demonstrate their mastery in security engineering in order to advance in their current information security careers. This certification is ideal for people working in positions such, but not limited too: Information assurance officer Analyst in information assurance Senior security analyst Senior systems engineer Engineer for information assurance systems Reasons to Obtain […]

How LA Alumni David Chamberlin Followed His Passion to a New Career

Pre-Dojo: As a producer and musician for my entire life He was (and is still) fascinated by the use of code to shape the world around his. Had spent almost a year learning how to code by himself, but needed a proper education. After Dojo: As a Full-Stack Developer and Lead Programmer Refined and strengthened skills He is happy and proud of his new job Program: Three Full-Stack Bootcamps in Los Angeles, CA Testimonial: Plus, almost everything I have done and am doing in my job is new to me. Coding Dojo taught “how to learn” or, in Michael Choi’s […]

How Online Alumna Jocelyn Jeriah Leveled Up Her Career

Pre-Dojo: Assist in the areas of billing, logistics, real estate, and other related tasks Keep running out of space to grow She desired a challenging career in a fast-paced industry. After Dojo: As an Implementation Engineer Newfound autonomy and independence in learning To continue to grow her skills set and become a Senior Engineer/Manager Program: Full-Time Online Bootcamp Testimonial: Coding Dojo offered so much flexibility and experience that I chose them. I am glad I took the course. It has helped me improve my skills and stay current in tech. Please tell us a bit about yourself. What were you […]

How Online Alumni Taylor Muhrline Transformed His Career

Pre-Dojo: Line cook in fine dining He was sick of the horrible work conditions and knew he needed to find a new job. Although he had learned a little bit of coding by himself, he needed to attend a bootcamp in order to master the subject. After Dojo: As a Full Stack Developer in restaurants Has confidence in his abilities, knows he is doing the right thing, and does not break industry standards He dreams of creating his own app to empower restaurant workers Program: Full-Time Online Bootcamp Testimonial: Although it was scary, as switching industries is always scary, there […]

How Online Alumna Kristin Caras Charted A New Career Path

Pre-Dojo: As a Project Engineer, I studied Mechanical Engineering. I had little programming experience but wanted to improve my skills to build my own projects. Although she was able to teach herself, she needed a program to fully immerse her self in coding. After Dojo: As a Launch Engineer, Recharge Payments She has a higher level of confidence. It is amazing how much she has learned and grown in such a short time. Can build full-stack apps and is looking forward to continuing her career in tech Program: Part-Time Online Accelerated Bootcamp Testimonial: It was amazing to see how far […]

How Online Alumni Mark McDonald Future-Proofed His Career

Pre-Dojo: As a barista and in higher education Tired of being forced into low-skill, low-paying jobs that made you unhappy You desire a career that is both recession-proof and future-proof? After Dojo: I work as a software developer He has a newfound confidence in his abilities to learn Aspirations to be a Lead Developer in the next few years Program: Online Part Time Bootcamp Testimonial: Coding Dojo was recommended by a family member. This person has been in software development for decades and knows what it takes to succeed in this industry. He also mentioned friends who were in a […]