While project plans are essential for getting work done, they’re not the only tool that your team uses every day.
TeamGantt spends a lot of time in Slack and Github, Intercom, as well as the entire Google Suite. Although we have centralized most of our project planning, team collaboration, and other tools within our tool, we know that there will always be interconnected tools that can help your team get the job done efficiently.
We offer integrations with popular apps like Trello, Slack and Dropbox. And we’re always working on more! To help your team sync your tools, we also created a public API.
TeamGantt’s Zapier integration gives you more options to connect to common platforms. Here are 9 ways to use Zap templates to get more out of TeamGantt
Google Workspace (G Suite).
Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is essential for most people. It can be used to manage your Google Calendar and collaborate on projects with your team using Google Sheets. Here are the most popular Google integrations on Zapier.
Google Calendar
Turn Google Calendar events into TeamGantt Tasks
This Zap template is a great tool to increase productivity. Once activated, it automatically creates Tasks in TeamGantt whenever a new event is added on Google Calendar.
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Create detailed Google Calendar events using new TeamGantt tasks
This Zap will keep your schedule up-to-date. Zapier will automatically add a new detail event to your Google Calendar every time you create a task in TeamGantt.
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Google Sheets
Create TeamGantt tasks using new Google Sheets rows
This Zap template automates adding TeamGantt tasks to new rows in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This template is great if you prefer to work in Google Sheets, but your scheduling can be done in TeamGantt. It is also a great way for transitioning from creating timelines in spreadsheets, to building beautiful and easy TeamGantt charts.
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The easiest way to create a project plan
In just 10 minutes, you can create a beautiful project plan. You can switch between gantt and calendar views with a single click.
Save time with your free plan
Spend less time looking for updates and more time moving the needle. In just 10 minutes, you can create a collaborative project plan that is easy to update, share and track.
Get your free planCreate your planGmail
Send an email to your Gmail account if TeamGantt tasks have been added
This Zap makes it easy for you to keep up with new work. Send an email to Gmail whenever a new task has been created.
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From new Gmail messages, create TeamGantt tasks
Do you use your inbox as your to-do list? Convert Gmail messages into TeamGantt Tasks to save time. Once activated, any new email sent to a specific Business Gmail account will create a new task within TeamGantt.
Use this Zap template
Jira, also known as your best friend in development, helps you manage, track and release Agile projects. TeamGantt, however, is a valuable tool for planners and big-picture thinkers. It’s where software can be integrated into a larger team strategy.
Here’s how Zapier can bridge the gap between two tools your team uses every single day.
TeamGantt can be used to add Jira issues and tasks
This Zap template allows you to add a task to a TeamGantt Project whenever someone creates an issue in Jira.
Use this Zap template
New TeamGantt tasks allow you to create issues in Jira Software Server
This Zap template automatically creates an issue in Jira Software Server when a new task is added into your TeamGantt Project.
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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is the heart of workplace communication for many organizations. To keep project communication flowing, connect TeamGantt and Microsoft Teams.
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