How to deal with difficult employees and turn them into team players

If you’re looking for advice on how to create team players, then you’re most likely in one of the following situations: Either a new member of your team exhibits a negative behavior and has trouble fitting into the team, or you take over another team member and realize that they have a toxic coworker. You will most likely encounter “difficult” employees – employees who need a little push to become valuable members to the team. According to Beth Miller and Andre Lavoie, there is a 9-type of difficult employee that can be made into team players if they are managed […]

How to deal with a toxic coworker

No matter where you work, you will always meet at least one difficult coworker. This is not a new problem. We have had bad coworkers ever since the inception of organized work. If you don’t take care of your coworkers, they can ruin your work experience and possibly affect your career. Companies rely on teamwork. Teams need to be flexible, collaborative, and proactive. The negative effects of toxic employees on others are even more severe and devastating. They can not only cause a decrease in productivity, but they can also be mentally and physically draining. We will show you how […]

How to create an organizational culture

You have a great organizational culture in your company. This means that you have access to a nice break room where you can play foosball. It sounds like you have access to a fancy break room where you can play foosball. But, having an organizational culture is vital. It prevents chaos in the workplace, provides security, and helps to build a foundation for future company growth. What aspects should you focus on and what should be avoided? These questions were posed to CEOs, managers, and business owners. We gathered simple, straightforward advice. The Big Book of Team Culture This article […]

How to combat stress and burnout when working remotely

Guest post by Dmitri from SaneBox. We’ve seen a rapid transition to remote work over the past few months amid the COVID-19 epidemic. This sudden shift was unsurprising for those who were used to working in physical offices. Some employers were concerned that it would make it difficult to maintain team productivity. But, we should all be concerned about the longer-term consequences of this change. This is burnout. SaneBox has been operating as a distributed business for many years. It works for us, as we have people all over the country. We love the flexibility and freedom that comes from […]

How to choose the right team effectiveness model

Are you a Project Manager who has a team of people to manage? This is the place for you. We will go over eight models of team effectiveness, their key points and how to apply them correctly. Team effectiveness definition Let’s first define team effectiveness. It is the ability of a group of people with complementary skills to work together to achieve goals set by an authority, members or team leaders. What separates a team and a group? The interdependency of its members. Groups are often composed of individuals who coordinate their activities. Team members are committed to achieving shared […]

New Training: Supporting Secure Operations & Incident Response. In this 16-video entry-level training, SPOTO trainer Bob Salmans teaches security professionals the knowledge they need to be able to take control of their organization’s threat cycle and provide prompt, effective responses to incidents. This new CompTIA training is available. The National 911 Program is a phone number that can easily be called from any phone in America to connect to emergency services such as fire, police, or health. Before 1968, you needed to know the 10-digit number for the correct department. It’s difficult to imagine a world without 911. Supporting Secure Operations and Incident Response training can be compared to a mini-911 for your organization’s networks and systems. This training teaches you how to protect your networks and how to respond to any problems. This three-part series covers topics like providing endpoint detection and response capabilities. It also includes topics such as evaluating existing incident response plan and updating as necessary. It also identifies stakeholders who will need updates during incident response processes. Watch a video of the series: This training includes 16 videos and 2 hours of training. Learn CompTIA today! Download

New Training: Security Threats and Attacks and Vulnerabilities. In this intermediate 70-video training, SPOTO trainer Keith Barker teaches security technicians how to recognize, compare and contrast various types of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, threats, and indicators that are associated with network attacks. This training is a key first step on your path to CompTIA Security+ certification. If you don’t understand how attacks work or the unique vulnerabilities of your network, you can’t keep it safe. You can now learn about social engineering techniques, various types of attacks, as well as network vulnerabilities. This Security Threats Attacks and Vulnerabilities training draws from the first five CompTIA Security+ certification exam objectives. It will prepare you in a broadest manner. This series teaches eight skills: Become a security expert. SPOTO Cybersecurity Training Start training. Social Engineering Techniques Cyber Attack Techniques Network Attacks Threat Actors Intelligence Sources Vulnerabilities Security Risks Techniques Used In Security Assessments Penetration Test Techniques Although this training does not lead to certification, it is still useful skills training for security professionals who are looking to learn basic security concepts. This training covers: Introduction to Network Attacks Identifying an Email Threat Intelligence Sources Malicious Code or Script Execution OSSTMM. It also includes: 70 minutes of training. Watch a video: SPOTO’s blog has more security concepts related content: Futuristic Security Tools Now Enhance your IT Security Resume in 7 Steps. What Infosec will look like in 2024. Start learning basic security concepts today. Download

New Training: Secure Design & Architecture Fundamentals for Enterprise Environments. In this 71-video training, SPOTO trainer Keith Barker teaches the knowledge network engineers needed to plan and design an enterprise network that integrates cutting-edge security tools, concepts, and technologies into the physical and virtual architecture. Planning and foresight are key to keeping a network of any size safe. As the network grows in size, the need for planning and foresight increases. Although the rules for planning a secure design for enterprise-scale networks are familiar, they are more complicated than those for smaller networks. This Secure Design and Architecture Fundamentals for Enterprise Environments course explains the security technologies, concepts, and tools that network engineers must know before they can design an enterprise network’s architecture. This training covers everything you need to know to keep your enterprise secure, including digital, cloud, and on-prem. This eight-part series covers topics like managing secure application development, deployment, and automation. This training includes the following topics: AAA Overview Data protection Separation Of Duties High-Availability System on A Chip (SoC). This training includes: 6 hours of training 71 videos. Here’s more SPOTO blog content: Security Engineer or Architect: What’s The Difference? Learn network design principles in 7 steps! Download

New Training: Redis Essentials

SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches you how to set up, manage and scale Redis deployments for in-memory caching, and sub-millisecond response time. This complete Redis training is available. Redis is not required for every cloud administrator to be able to use it. You might be able to use Redis to store data in a way that allows you to read/write in less than a second and performs millions of operations per minute. Redis’ in-memory storage means that Redis data can be reached faster and supports orders of magnitude more operations than databases which need to travel all the way to […]

New Training: Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies

This entry-level training course, which consists of 23 videos, is taught by SPOTO trainer Bob Salmans. It teaches you how to think with and use electromagnetic theory to understand radio waves, enabling advanced technologies. Electromagnetism is the underlying technology that makes all aspects of networking and computing possible. This radio frequency training will satisfy network administrators who aren’t satisfied until they understand every aspect of a technology. Wireless networks are particularly interested in the way electromagnetic waves (or radio waves) affect and are affected. However, it is not irrelevant for wired networks. This radio frequency training explains and exposes the […]