5 Key Deliverables from the DMAIC Measure Phase

LEAN Six Sigma courses cover the Six Sigma approach, which includes the DMAIC process. This acronym stands to Define, Measure Analyze and Improve, Control. Six Sigma training is free. These are the five phases that every Six Sigma project must go through in order to be successful. It is often overlooked how important the Measure phase is. This article will focus solely on the 6 key deliverables from the Measure phase of DMAIC’s process. Participate in our 100% online and self-paced Six Sigma training. Let’s now take a look at five key deliverables. These deliverables are nothing more than the […]

PM Process Groups

Project management involves many steps. Project management can be managed in a structured and healthy manner using a variety of processes. To achieve the desired results, a framework must be established and these processes should be followed throughout the project’s life cycle. What is needed to establish a budget, what is required for completing the schedule, and how will the quality requirements be met? Take part in our 100% online & self-paced 1-hour PMP training. All of these are possible with the help and guidance of project management. To become a certified project manager, you can sign up for our […]

5 Negative Project Management Repercussions – Things to Avoid

Project Management is the art and science of delivering a scope within a specified budget and on a set schedule. Only good project management practices can ensure successful project delivery. Poor project management can have severe consequences. Poor project management can lead to five major consequences: Project Cost Overruns Schedule Delays Demotivated Project Team Bad Reputation Long-term sustainability risk for the organization Let’s take a look at each one. You can find out more about the signs of poor project management. Poor Project Management Can Have Serious Repercussions We found that schedule delays, incompetent resource, and project cost overruns were […]

5 Best Corporate Training Programs 2022

Did you ever wonder why certain companies are more successful in managing their projects? One reason could be that these companies have Project Managers and teams that apply organizational-wide project management standards and operational standards that other companies don’t have. What if your organization doesn’t have project management standards? The simple answer is that if you don’t have any organizational standards, you may need to create them. It is a good idea to enroll your key managers in targeted corporate management courses and training programs based on their roles and positions in the company. Master of Project Academy’s Corporate Leadership […]

Five Areas of a Six Sigma Project Feasibility Study

Before we can discuss the concept of a “Project Feasibility Study”, we need to first understand what a feasibility report is. The feasibility study, also known as viability analysis or feasibility study, is also known by the term project feasibility. This technique is used to determine if a business problem or improvement opportunity is feasible. This is an important step in the Six Sigma approach to problem solving. Online Six Sigma training explains how the project feasibility study fits in the “Defineā€ phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC process. Participate in our 100% online and self-paced Six Sigma training. This […]

Learn from it and then move on.

You are now finished with last week. Are you still working on your status report Good. Good. Depending on which template you use to track your project status, you might be answering questions such as: What went according to plan? What didn’t go according to plan? Why or why? This last question is the most important. What was the reason for everything going as planned? This is how you should move forward. What is the real reason for things not going as planned? What are the real reasons for the problems? Did a task get canceled because your subject matter […]

Leadership and managing: A false dichotomy

Kimberly Wiefling is currently on a leadership blogging spree at the UCSC Extension Silicon Valley’s “Art of Project Management”. Manage Cows, but LEAD People discusses the difference between leadership and management. Her post explains that even though someone is in high-ranking management positions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are true leaders. Sometimes, leadership and management can be misunderstood as a dichotomy. They can be used together or separately. When I was first starting to manage people, I recall going to leadership training. Many managers claimed they were leaders, not managers. This seemed to me strange. It doesn’t have to […]

Leadership: Consistently with Change

Travis Anderson Guest Post Thomas N. Gilmore’s article, Effective Leadership during Organizational Transitions explains that leaders of organizations and programs need to pay attention to the seams between subordinate roles, and the overall strategic relationship of the business unit to its surroundings. Gilmore suggests that the organizational chart be drawn so that the leader is seen as a supervisor of the seams between people. This is a difficult concept, as one cannot call a seam into an office to give a status update. This is an analogy: Remember the story of the drunk who lost his keys and was found […]

Leadership – Effective and Defective Leadership Leadership is one of the most important things that can make a difference in the atmosphere in which we work. Each person will have their own definition of leadership. *Professor Peter Correa, my undergraduate professor, taught me that leadership consists of the following attributes.

Competence Confidence Character Commitment Think Act Influence I challenge readers to write in one sentence what leadership means to them. A leader is someone who is confident and competent, has character and is committed, can make decisions and take action through influencing. To achieve results, others must be encouraged. Effective Leadership Add an adjective to get the meaning of effective leader. Some people find it easiest to describe an effective leader by describing a deficient leader and then inverting the meaning. Everyone has had to deal with a deficient leader who made it difficult or impossible to accomplish a task […]

There were 700 PMI members last year. If you don’t know anything about it, spend a few minutes on their website at PMI.org to learn more and get their document “A guide for the Project Management Body of Knowledge.” The PMI is a large and diverse organisation. It hosts or convenes SIGs, which are interest groups. The “Students of Project Management SIG” is one of the PMI’s SIGs. It has a terrible website. It’s only a decade old, and it last year reached 700 members. You can become a PM student and get a discounted membership to the PMI.

Access to PMI publications (including the PMBOK). Access to PMI’s Library and The Jim Snyder Knowledge & Wisdom Center To share ideas, “best practices”, and ask for advice from “seasoned” PM practitioners in a peer group. It’s a competitive edge for students looking to work in the PM discipline. It’s a great advantage to be a part of the best project management organization in the entire world. Through the PMI publications, and the SIG, students are exposed to “best practice” information. You might want to consider joining. You might even be the one who fixes their terrible website!